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I am going to use this site to see how well my novella will actually do. Feel free to comment your actual thoughts and let me know. I am also R2D2 and dafeist98 but I'm both locked out of the account and much older since then. I was sixteen and fourteen when I wrote those other accounts

  • David Feister

    mumbled "Alright "

    it's only one chapter but chapter 2 is being finished and then off to be edited. Please read and stay engaged with it. F**k will appreciate it.
  • David Feister
    well thank you. tell your friends. help me keep it from getting sent to the abyss of the unread in movellas haha
    James is a failing writer and recovering addict who goes back to the Jersey shore. He has to battle his demons and find peace in his chaotic mind.
  • David Feister

    mumbled "READ MY F**KING STORY "

    I'll get on my knees for you people to read if you know what I mean. (If she says she gets her weed for free, check her knees)
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