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Well I go my the name of Farah, which is not my full name. I have short hair and live on wearing jeans and a shirt on my bedroom floor. I like to write over the summer and stop for a bit during school bc education. Email me if you have ideas, questions or you wanna give me advice. Hope you enjoy my stories that I'm gonna be writing. Have a good day!

Email: farahnazfatah@gmail.com
Twitter: @FarahnazzFatah
Snapchat: bughbearx

Much love, Farah x

  • Ohheyitsfarah
    Please update!! This is amazing so far! Xx
    Good Girl, Bad Boy
    Good Girl, Bad Boy
    Kassie is a 15-year-old "good girl"- good grades, good behaviour, and would never get in trouble- that is, until she fell for the schools "bad boy", Aaron. And during summer, whats gonna happen?
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