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Living in my fantasy.
If you don't like fantasy, I am going to have to kindly ask you to GTFO. Thanks, bye

Things you should know about me:
-- I love fantasy (obviously)
-- I love animals
--My favorite genre in books is action, adventure, and fantasy
--I love writing stories and try to put my heart and soul into the characters
--Movellas is just the rough draft of all my stories. I will continually edit my stories until they are perfect and then really get them out there

Check out my Pinterest to get a good idea of what my characters look like: http://www.pinterest.com/fantasycat16/

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    How long has it been since I was last on? Almost a year? Geez...sorry 'bout that guys...My life is just really hectic at the moment and I haven't had time for anything. School is beating me to a pulp and I'm trying hard to please my parents and get it all done. So I'm stressed because of school work and dealing with friend drama (but I guess that's pretty normal). But since its winter break I figured I'd hop back onto the story writing train and see what I can do. But even my vacations are hectic with all of my dad's coworkers staying with us and leaving me with their kids. Soo......I'm doing what I can today. I've been thinking of some things for my stories and I've already written a little bit more of a story draft I have. Not even sure how many of you are still here...I'm sure some of you are just as busy as I am, if not busier. So like I said, I'll try to get right back to story writing and such. The only problem I have with the stuff I though of for my stories is stuff that comes during the climax...which I haven't exactly got to yet in ANY of my stories....so....yeah. Thank you to those who are still here and those who actually read what I have to say. So...us yeah....bye.
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    Sorry I haven't been on much. I'm having a little bit of writer's block with 'Fire Breaks The Heart' so until I figure out what to do with this story I'm probably going to post my other story

    Also I wanted your opinions on something. How would you feel if I published a One Direction fan fic? Comment your honest opinion.
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