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I am Fantasy Dream because I am captured in a fantasy which is my reality.

The fantasy book is the real world and I am its fantasy girl. I live through lines, chapters and pages. Every page turn is a new event that occurs to me in the real world.

<=Most people say I am exactly like the Greek Goddess Diana. I look exactly like her and my morals are the same as hers. She is the goddess of: The moon, Hunting and Vengeance, The Romance in the Wild, Woodland and Femininity. That sums me up entirely!

Straight Edge is my saviour.
Originated from punks, but if they are the ones who created my life-long commitment, then I am proud to be one of them. Straight edge is basically: no drinking, no smoking, no drugs. (My ethos)
Minor Threat are the band I have to thank. "I've got that straight edge!" :P

I call you my dreamers if you are a fan. Thank you and keep dreaming! ^_^ ...

  • Fantasy Dream
    January 14th is my favourite, it couldn't be more true! I love the photography as well! I <3 your work soo much!
    Life Behind the Lens
    Life Behind the...
    My view of the world in 2014. A photo a day along with a quote or words. Hopefully it may give you a flavour of my boring life. All the photo's are mine and taken on the day of the entry. If you'd like...
  • Fantasy Dream

    mumbled "Avril mode!"

    All my life, I've been good but now, woah, what the hell! La la la la...

    I don't really care about, if you love me, if you hate me, you can save me, baby baby!
    Sorry, I just have a current addiction to her music. ;)
  • Fantasy Dream

    mumbled "Revision... PAYS OFF?"

    I am so happy with how my history and physics test went today! I didn't even revise history, and I did an all-nighter revising last night only for physics. @[Georgia Nightshade ] knows what I'm talking about!
    Georgia Shadownight
    Well done! Yaaayy :) *Does happy dance* lol. I love it when I don't revise and it turns out well. I had an English exam today so I'm hoping I did ok.
    Fantasy Dream
    7 years ago
    I'm sure you did amazingly! You have probably nailed it!
  • Fantasy Dream
    I like the introduction! It give us a sense of background information. author's ideas and new characters who are introduced other than those we know of in the original Harry Potter. Keep going with this because I want to see what happens through the fan fic. Btw, love the title!
    What Might Have Been: A Harry Potter Fanfiction {Sequel to What If}
    What Might Have...
    Sanashta Snape is not a fan of dimension-hopping, but when your changeling friend is in immeasurable danger, what're you gonna do? (Takes place right after the epilogue of What If)

  • Fantasy Dream
    Hiya! Do u know if Prez is ok? She seemed a bit scared and then sad. I tried to cheer her up with some pie, but I don't think she was feeling hungry. Crazy Nutter Oakenshield also tried, but I think she may have ate the pie already for Prez. Can you check on her because she isn't replying. Thanks!
    Dani California
    7 years ago
    Just checked in, think she's offline, and yeah, sometimes she gets sad, we just gotta be there for her like she is for us!
    Fantasy Dream
    7 years ago
    Yeah. I agree. She is a lovely girl. She is so nice, sweet-hearted and talented. She is amaze!
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