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Erm....Hi! I like writing. So do a bunch of people I guess. So, I'll just be a turtle and write some stories. And read 'em.

Feel free to lurk, my little wallflowers. That is what I shall call my fans: Wallflowers! Hehe....

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    This sounds really interesting. Please, continue!
    Eight Reasons To Hate The Girl Next Door
    Eight Reasons To...
    She's rude, mean, annoying. She never shuts up, or stops looking at herself. As a matter of fact, that's all she really cares about. She teases anyone below her, even though she's at the lowest. She's...
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    I AGREE! Now, with all of the technology, and stuff, you can read on, like, an iPad, and it's a shame. Why can't they learn to crack open a REAL, LIVE book? It's sad. I love the feeling of turning to a page, and following the character's story, but I can't do that without getting a headache from staring at the screen (not like STARING staring), and pressing a button that's too small for my fingers.
    Teenagers. Don't Close the Book on us!
    Teenagers. Don't...
    Today, our generation are being branded as technology based children, who are too busy on PlayStations or XBox's, to pick up a book, or enjoy a piece of poetry. Now, that may be the case for some of us,...
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    mumbled "Hai :3"

    I've changed my mind as far as a sequel goes, and began a new movella, We're Not. Both of the new chapters will be updated on alternative Fridays, okay? Thanks for the patience, and sorry for the misconception.
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    Omg the last chapter!!!! XD
    The  5%
    The 5%
    this is a bunch of things I hate about Movellas. One of them being 95% of the users are obsessed with one direction so I'm part of the 5% that doesn't write fan fictions. So haters going hate and really...
    7 years ago
    Well, they need to be more mindful of WHERE they post their "fan-fictions." There's nothing else I have to say on the matter.
    Elphaba's lost sister
    I got just a little bit fed up with that particular matter xD
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