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Don't Let Bitches Get You Down!

  • ez_tomlinson
    Update please
    Elounor's Child
    Elounor's Child
    Eleanor Calder has a perfect life. She has an amazing boyfriend, Louis Tomlinson, who supports her and cares for her. She love him for him, not for the guy in the band One Direction. Eleanor loves Louis'...
  • ez_tomlinson

    mumbled "Apologies!"

    I'm sorry I haven't update any of my stories!
    I'm too busy with school just now so I won't update for a while!
    Plus I not been well lately...apologies!
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    What about it !!
    What Happened In A Year!
    What Happened In...
    This girl called Arianna was dating Louis Tomlinson, but little did she what Louis Tomlinson had been up too!! Leave comments! This is my First Movellas written by myself so sorry for any mistakes!
    7 years ago
    I like it! Hahaha
  • ez_tomlinson
    This book will be on hold for a bit, writing my other just now and enjoying it. Will try and get back to this soon as. Still waiting for the final things to publish next chapter, Sorry!
    Louis and I
    Louis and I
    When Louisa meets Louis Tomlinson, her whole turns but when she has to go will he stay by her. Read please! Leave comments if you like it.
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