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**abandoned account**

The account I'm currently using is MyUsername.

Keep in mind that even though I'm not using this account anymore, you still have no right to copy the works on this profile.

  • Emmieee <3

    mumbled "I'm back... kind of."

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    so as I guess you've noticed, I've been gone for a really, really long time. a couple weeks ago I decided to just make a new account. I kinda just wanted to start over, so obviously no one new knew who I was. I doubt they woulda recognised me even if i told them who I was anyway of course xD

    okay, well I'm basically abandoning this account.

    To all my co-authors- I really hope you've moved on without me already.
    To plagiarists- I don't care if I've abandoned this account, all the writing on it is still mine xD
    and last but not least, to my lovely fans- my new account is MyUsername. (I know, so original right?) if you don't wanna fan me there, that's okay, but my writing has gotten a bit better since these stories were written, promise xD

    Sooo, in conclusion, if I've hurt anyone by doing this, I'm sincerely sorry.

    ~Emmie (er, MyUsername xD)
    7 years ago
    Though I still doubt anyone remembers me, This is my new account.
  • Emmieee <3
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    OMG dis going 2 helpme rite my fanfic!!1!!11!!!
    Lol, I think I lost brain cells just writing that. I see Jordan hasn't taken this down yet... I hope that's a good sign :)
    how to write the best 1D fanfic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    how to write the...
    omg u guys its liek really easy just followmy steps and u'll get tons of likes and followers cover foto is 1D harry styles hes so sexie omg. This is a parody of 1D fan fictions. Also, if you find...
  • Emmieee <3
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    I have one :)
    "Can I help you?"
    "I'm afraid your the one that needs help, dear. The mental kind if you know what I mean"
    Comebacks and Insults :Þ
    Comebacks and Insu...
    NOT MEANT TO OFFEND ANYONE! These are for people who- like me- have allot of annoying siblings. No offence meant.
    4ღℯℓ1ℯ ✰
    Ha yeah, use that on some unsuspecting shop assistant.
  • Emmieee <3
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    all I have to say is... O.O
    Don't Tell Anyone (1D)
    Don't Tell Anyone...
    Suggested rating 13+ for sexual references. Clarissa hates One Direction. So it's just tough luck when the band become bankrupt and have to stay round her house for a few weeks. But that's not all. The...
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