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Hello internet!
I assume since you're here you want to know more about me, or maybe you're silently cursing because you accidentally clicked this- but hey! Since you're here, might as well know more about a random stranger who you'll probably never meet in real life, right?
my name is Emmy, nice to meet you here. I'm a socially awkward band girl. Who is also a fan girl. It's the best of both worlds, I tell ya.
My favorite bands are
•my chemical romance
•Get Scared
•sleeping with sirens
•New Years Day
•icon for hire
•Eyes Set To Kill
•Motionless In White
If I say all of them I'd probably bore you into leaving my beautiful introduction and id hate to do that. I'll probably say I 'hate everyone' but don't let that fool you because I actually care quite a lot and if you ever need someone to talk to, I swear on some-famous-person-I-care-about-more-than-food that I'll listen, because you all are very important and more than just an adding following number to me and I want to be there for each and every one of you.
Well, I'll see you around!

  • Blurryyy

    mumbled "Spring Break! "

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    Yes I can finally write my stories or fix them in stead of worrying about school and stuff! I have a whole week of writing so I'm going to make this work! Woohoo! ^~^
    7 years ago
    Me , too… I was thinking the same. :)
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