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[the older, more sophisticated dramaticllama Nightshade]

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    mumbled "so I did a thing"

    It's only one chapter, and I'm sending it in an application to a very important and prestigious camp in a few weeks, so any and all feedback is appreciated. Please. It'll take you literally ten minutes and mean the world to me.
    Homeshell: A Short StoryOn the road, I’d thought that when I got here, I’d be a feather on the wind of exhilarating freedom, but this apartment is nothing but an empty shell....
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    mumbled "New short story! "

    Please read (and give me feedback, if you have the time) on this short story I wrote recently! Not to beg, but I'm begging you, thanks.

    Treelights: A short storyTwo friends help each other find direction during a game of hide-and-seek in the woods at night. A short story.
    4 years ago
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    Love it! At the moment I have no criticisms, but I might come back later and see if I notice anything.
    Thank you so much for reading!
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    mumbled "peeps in through the door"

    Hi, guys. I'm home?

    It's been a while (I mean, since I was here I think I've not only turned 17, but also gained a hedgehog), but guess what? I come bearing writing.

    I've been writing a lot lately, because I'm applying to a prestigious writing camp this summer, and I've been feeling weird about it, and I think it's because I miss you guys.

    So here I am. I'll be putting up a short story soon. I'll mumble again when I do. Please read it and give me feedback. I need all the help I can get ;)

    It's nice to be back. For the record, I also haunt Twitter, and do lots of writing things on there, so feel free to follow.


    P.S. Still working on ZORG, too. They all say hi.
    Thanks! I'm glad to see you're alive :)
    4 years ago
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    Welcome back! :D
    Thank you!!
    4 years ago
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    I'm so alive, and the world won't let me forget it :)
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    mumbled "Thinking of you"

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    Literally I'm sitting here writing the new ZORG and all I can think is how excited I am for you all to read it.
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    mumbled "Unpopular opinion (don't hurt me)"

    I'd rather read a really good novel than a series because I like how a great book ties itself together in a neat little package and presents itself to a reader already complete and independent. I don't like to finish a book only to find out that if I want to see the big picture, how all the little pieces the author planted stick together, I have to read at least two more books, and maybe even wait for them. The best books leave readers wanting more, but not because the plot isn't fufilled, because the reader can't stand to close the book on the characters and world.

    And I get it, sometimes series are great. I'm not saying I hate all series or that if you write series you suck, because that's not true.

    All I'm saying is that if you want to be the next JK Rowling, you don't just plan out seven books about some idea you think is magical and hope for the best. No, you stitch together characters of flesh, blood, bone, weaknesses, irony, and all. You build your world out of brick, mortar, and problems. You make the world of your novel so three-dimensonal that the cover of your book isn't heavy enough to shut it all in.

    And that's why I like novels. Because they suck you in and they spit you out the other side with a snippet, a glimpse of another world. They drag you down someone else's path, take you on their emotional roller coasters for a moment, and then they're gone. They leave you with a lingering experience, something to ponder. All in a neat little wrapped-up package of novel. It's the art of subtelty. Of telling a little story with big meaning. And most series can't match that.

    So I'd rather read a book. Fight me.
    Mercury Chap
    4 years ago
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    Wow why does everything bad about a book reminds me of Hush Hush xD I mean I guess it was made to be a stand alone book but then when it got fame, the author started to extend the story. Though I got all jumpy when I got to know it is the part of series, the other parts of the story were disappointing (and not to miss, Nora got dumber by every new part, so dumb you feel sorry for the guy Patch that he has got to live with her for eternity). Sorry, got a little bit emotional.

    And @[Squonk of the Nightshade] you're right, the middle is always meh xD I never remember what happens in the middle. It's like it tells a little story in between but not much interesting, a little action but isn't very satisfying.

    Yes, I do love the feel of a stand alone book :) You've got to savour each and every word in it and then remember it forever, rather what happens when you read series and you just rush through the book to finish it quick and know what happens in the next book instead of savouring it.