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    mumbled "What's your story?"

    Hi :} I've had a few comments on my book 'Can I have your number?' asking me to continue the story. I'm sorry but when I wrote the Movella it was only intended to be a one-shot. Just a chapter long, I don't feel like continuing this story would work very well. I'm really sorry if you wanted me too :{ I have started a new Movella called 'What's your story?'. It's also a Charlie Lenehan fan fiction. Please go and read it, like, favourite and comment! I would love some feedback! Thank you for reading ;} Darcy<3
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    mumbled "Suggesting ;) "

    So you should all go read @[Alexandra_Sugg]'s new Movella Love Again, it's absolutely fab �� ~ Darcy
    Thanks bby:*
    Darcy Holland
    6 years ago
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    mumbled "RANT (sorry lovelies)"

    I am going to scream! Does anyone else know that I already published chapter 21! It was fully written and published about a week ago. I know it was. But hey, of course it isn't there now. Please don't be mad at me, yes, I know I should have updated but I haven't. Got a new laptop today, but as you know it's christmas tomorrow. And guess what!? I'm going to France for new years as a birthday present! Going on the 30th so gonna be totally busy for a while. I'm not neglecting you and I love you all. I will update, and make sure it works. (grrr) For now, Thanks for reading and I love you all!! ~Darcy >.<
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    mumbled "Sprry"

    I'm sorry I didn't update, my life has been a bit difficult at the moment. I'm back now and gonna update regularly! Xxx
    me too!!! :) xxx