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  • DaisyGriffin

    mumbled "bye...."

    im leaving movellas because im not a good writer and my life is way too busy... sorry if I let any of you down...but I really don't think I was meant for this place. :/
    Chloe McCormick
    5 years ago
    Don't feel like that! You really don't have to write to be here - and it's always here when you have free time for reading :)
  • DaisyGriffin

    mumbled "time 4 a rant"

    when I was little (like 8) I stood on my glass desk to hang one of my drawings on the wall above it and being my stupid self, I fucking fell through and almost dIED. I actually didn't get cut at all tho so tHANK YA JESUS.
  • DaisyGriffin
    Name. Amanda
    Eye Color. Emerald
    Hair. Long Straight Blonde
    Personality. Tough yet sweet, funny, can take a punch, sometimes tomboyish and sometimes girly
    Style. Combat boots or vans, crop tops, skinny jeans or shorts, sometimes dresses
    somethings were ment to be
    somethings were...
    what if it was meant to be and what if that guy can change your whole live
  • DaisyGriffin

    mumbled "time 4 a rant"

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    STORY TIME!!! Ok so I was taking a shower while listening to my jams and so of course I had to dance to them, like who wouldn't? anyways.....I ended up slipping (HARD.) and I kicked a fucking hole in the tub. This is why twerking and bathing DONT MIX.
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