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With knives and pens we made our plight
+ + +
Scream, shout, we are the fallen angels
+ + +
When I was a young boy, my father took me into the city
+ + +
You left me here like a chalk outline
+ + +

Welcome to the world of music.

  • CriminalCady
    xD I love o2l and it is funny @[WhiteWalls] :)
    The Disaster of the Fugly Slut
    The Disaster of...
    This is a funny fanfic about Connor Franta Jc Caylen and Ricky Dillon read to find out about the funny story of these 4 people
    7 years ago
    Ikr evey time I read it I laugh
  • CriminalCady
    Angry at my laptop right now because I was 'logged in' when I tried posting the computer but then of course when I click 'add comment' I have to sign in! What the heck? D: I had the numbers all labeled but now I'm gonna just skip the labeling.
    1) Beginning
    2) Nothing specific
    3) Jaden is a young girl that makes YouTube videos. She recently hit one million subscribers. When she runs into a YouTube group channel, Our Second Life (o2l), will their be love, hate, or a mix of the two?
    4) If it's okay, I wouldn't like any author name
    5) The O2L Members (google o2l if you dont know them) and a non-celeb brown haired girl with brown eyes. She looks kind of sad if that's okay.
    6) No quote :D
    7) Take your time! (:
    Cover Store || GabriellaOfficial✓
    Cover Store || Gab...
    Find out how to request covers in the first chapter!
    my computer is down right now so it might take a bit of time (hopefully not a long time) until it starts working. It wont allow me to edit pictures or go on google so please be patient!! Thank you :) x
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    done :) x
  • CriminalCady
    I love this story! Please update it really soon! Your story is excellent! IT IS AMAZING!

    You need to update. You don't want to kill me, do you? :(

    (Also the cover's really good)
    When Superman meets Superwoman..... (One Direction/Louis Tomlinson/Fanfic)
    When Superman meet...
    Jennifer Smit is just your ordinary, crazy, a bit looney sometimes, teenage girl living in England. She moves into a flat with her three crazy best friends, that has been their dream since they were all...
    7 years ago
    Awe thank you so much I really appreciate it������ I have been really busy but I'm in school break now so I can update more often ����

  • CriminalCady
    Don't. Please don't. Every one of your fans love you. I've attempted suicide, cut myself, for lots of reasons and they seem similar to yours. So I know what your going through, and I know not a lot of people know that, because they haven't experienced the... the feeling of just wanting to die. Please, please, don't kill yourself. I don't want a person going through what I have. :( We all love you @[WanderLessx]
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