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Hey Ya'll! I want to tell you a bit about myself... but I don't know many of you so that would be a bit weird telling you my life story and all... so I'm not going to... any way.

I love all my fans so please fan me! Haha! Also please read some of my books and maybe if you think they are gooooood then maybe like/fave!? Teehee! .x

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    mumbled "New Account "

    Hello there :) Basically I wont be using this account anymore as I have grown out of the stories, but I didn't want to delete them... so I made a new account XD It's called @[gone_to_get_food] so I would really appreciate it if you went and fanned my new account :) I will still carry on writing one direction & 5 Seconds of Summer fan fictions but better quality :) so yeah please fan :)x
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    The Perfect mix
    The Perfect mix
    Aria, Sam and Olivia had been practicing all year long for their shot at the XFactor, they had created girl band Single Sherbet And were determined to win. But they audition and just get through but the...
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    Hahah! Yaya! Youshould give the early access code... because you know... i use to write on it before you removed me! :( and I quite liked writing it! .x teehee .x
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    mumbled "Tumblr .x"

    Heyllo all readers of my books! I was just wondering would any of you fancy lot like to follow me on Tumblr!? Hmmmm!? Just started making outfits for people! So ask me to make you one with one of the boys or their girlfriend .etc and I will! Only doing followers!

    My name is fancylike123 ! Please follow tanks! .x
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    Oh okay then! You odd little thing! Xx
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    OHHH MMMMM GEEEE! I love it bebs! Haven't fully finished these chapters but.... yer! HAHA! Teehee! .x
    Baby Styles
    Baby Styles
    Eve Jacksons is just a regular girl. She is a directioner and a beliber and would do anything to meet One Direction and Justin. Sadly she cant go to a justin concert but she can go to a 1d meet and greet....
    7 years ago
    awwwww love you .. xxxx
    Conniee is me! xx
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    mumbled "Rory Williams! .x"

    Hahaha Theses are so flipping funny! Crying with laughter! .x

    7 years ago
    :) Lol, and its s sherlockian! :) XXX
    Conniee is me! xx
    OKAYYY I was like I don't know what a Sherlock fan is and I am real lazy so I was like I don't have the energy to search IT up... I shall change that... when I can be botherd... .x
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