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currently sixteen years old and spending my days on the internet because friends are overrated. i like to drink tea and procrastinate. daydreaming is a daily thing along with getting emotional over fictional characters and boy bands. i'm a typical music junkie and listen to everything from classical to country. spider-man is life. my favorite things include niall, liam, louis, harry, zayn, luke, calum, ashton, michael, ed, tobias, tris, katniss, peeta, hazel grace, agustus, jace, clary, isabelle, alec, magnus, simon, you, and last, but definitely not least, beyonce.

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Hey guys!

by , Monday February 12, 2018

Love youIt’s been 3 years...

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  • Commanderniall

    mumbled "MEET UP"

    Ok, so as some of you know I am going to see One Direction and 5SOS in Nashville on August 19th which is exactly twenty days away. I am still up to meet you guys if you want. Only a few people have contacted me so far about meeting up. If you would like to meet me or anything please contact me using the contact information I will leave below. I will tell you where I will be and when since I myself, am going to an even bigger meetup in Nashville. If you're interested or have questions please contact me.

    Twitter: @Commanderniall
    wattpad: @morganannabrams
    kik: @baby2429
    email: morganannabrams@gmail.com
    Le Fox
    6 years ago
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    6 years ago
    OMG I'm going to a concert the 17th in Detroit! I hope u have a lot of fun!!!

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