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HELLO! We are 5\7 of the Montanna siblings! Tansy, Tammi, Tabitha, Tiler, and Tony!
Cinco Paletas means Five Popsicles in Spanish!
We love 5SOS, One Direction, Little Mix, Demi Lovato, Gym Class Heroes, The Vamps, McFly, Ed Sheeran, Blood On The Dance Floor, Jeffree Star, Kellin Quinn, Avenged Sevenfold, Pierce The Veil, etc.

Tansy~ Hiii! I'm the second oldest Montanna, I'm 19. I have long blonde hair, and brown eyes that change to blue sometimes. I'm single and ready to mingle! Lol. Yes, we are all just as crazy as Tony is. But I think Troy, the oldest of us who isn't going to be on here cause he's and adult with "responsibilities" and blah blah blah, he's definitely the craziest of us. Um, yeah. I love you guys so much, my little brother would probably have no life if it weren't for his "Gorgeous Popsicles". Yeah, I have nooo idea where he got that from.. So yeah! I have one tattoo! It says 'STGC Till The Very Death Of Me' on my back :D

Tammi~ HEY, HEY, HEY! My name is Tammi, I'm 18. I have a twin named Tabitha. I have shoulder length blonde hair, brown eyes, I'm 5'6. Yeah, I'm kinda tall. I love Tony, he's the best brother ever. Even though I have two other ones; he's the best! So, I hope you guys like the stories we're gonna write!

Tabitha~ HAAAAY! I'm Tabitha, 18, I have blonde hair that's a few inches longer then shoulder length. I LOVE BOTDF. Like STGC foREVer man. As you can see I capitalized 'REV' in 'forever'. Why you ask? Because in memory of James Sullivan (The Rev). He died in 2009, he was the drummer in Avenged Sevenfold. So yea. I LOVE YOU! I love everyone. I'm weird. Kay bye.

Tiler~ Well hi there! My name is Tiler; obviously it's a guys name and I'm a girl. I'm 17, Tony's twin. I recently dyed my hair blonde, but it's not like bleach blonde. It's more just blonde. I'm exactly 1 minute and 3 seconds older then Tony! I don't know why I know that but I do... Okay then. Well I have my own account on here, but i don't really go on it much. Tiler_Loves_1D that's me. OMG THAT RHYMES. I have a boyfriend, his name is Tyler. Omg how ironic. No I didn't date him cause we have the same name. Because I like him. Duh. Bye bye! :*

Tony~ HEY THERE YOU GORGEOUS POPSICLES! Most fo you know me already; I am thee one and only Tonybear. I'm 17, the youngest of everyone on here! We have a little brother, Taylor, he's three. So he can't be here. He doesn't know how to work a laptop. Yea. Well most of you know all about me cause most of you are my fans from my account! I love you guys and I can't wait to share you with my sissy's! I hope you guys like the stories that we're gonna write and yea. Muahh :*

SO THERE YOU HAVE IT. About us! We're really crazy. We're from Nashville, Tennessee btu we live in Las Vegas, Nevada. Except for Tansy. She's in Nashville for some job interview so she can work at a nail salon here in Vegas. She'll be the only one there whose not Asian! LOL. Well, we love you guys! Tony tells us all about his little fans and we can't wait to have our own fan!

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Be Yourself; Everyone Else Is Taken

Haters Make Me Famous!

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    This is soooo amazing! I can't wait to see what happens next! Update as soon as you can xx
    What I Want. (+16)
    What I Want. (+16)
    I couldn't resist his eyes, his lips, his dimples.. wait, stop. I couldn't resist the being that was Luke Hemmings. But, he was my step brother. What if Ashton found out? What if our parents found out?...
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    Don't feel like making a cover for your story? Have Tony make you one! Just go comment the title, author(s), and a little bit about the story! He makes all our covers, I think he does and amazing job! -Tansy

    Cover Storeee!Here are some covers that I've made for myself and other people! Just comment the title of your story, the author, and a little bit about it!
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    mumbled "NAIL POLISH AND HEELS!"

    Okay, so in the chapter of 'The Daughter Of A Killer' I just posted a few minuets ago I mentioned something about painting the bottom of my heels with nail polish! I actually do that, and it works really good! It's best if you put tape around the bottom so you don't get it on the other part of the heel.
    With my black heels, I have four pairs of them, I used red, white, hot pink, and a light blue for them. I have a pair of nude heels which I used red for. With my pink heels I used white. If you have pink heels, try using like a dark purple or maybe a glitter type of nail polish, but if you do glitter make sure you do the top coat cause the glitter will come off! My friend Jenny did that with hers, and they're absolutely amazing! I have two pairs of red heels which I used black and white for the bottom. With white heels they look good with really any color, except for white cause you probably won't be able to see it! I have 5 pairs of white heels and I used red, pink, dark blue, light blue, and orange.
    I could go on and tell you all my heels and the colors I painted them but I have more then 100 pairs of heels! Yeah, I'm kinda obsessed with shoes.
    Here's where and\or what I wear with the heels.
    Black-White: I usually wear them to funerals or somewhere sad with this cute black dress I have.
    Black-Red: I usually wear them with anything and anywhere. I like wearing them with skinny jeans or a skirt and\or dress.
    Black-Pink: I have these really nice hot pink skinny jeans that I got at Walmart for like 12 dollars and they're the LEI brand.
    Black-Blue: I wear them when I'm just going to the store or to work cause I work in an office building so it's always nice to look fashionable and professional.
    Nude-Red: I wear them when I'm like just going to hang out with my friends cause we usually go to the mall or Starbucks.
    Pink-White: I wear them when I go to a party or something with a black cocktail dress or a white cocktail dress.
    White-Red: I like to wear them with anything black or white!
    White-Pink: I wear them to baby showers if the person is having a girl! I actually will wear one White&Pink and one White&Light Blue if their having boy and girl twins!
    White-Dark Blue: I like wearing them with my white skinny jeans and a blue hoodie.
    White-Light Blue: Liek I said before; to baby showers! If they're having a boy. Like to my friend Jenny's baby shower, she's the one with the pink heels I mentioned earlier, I wore them with a blue skirt and white long-sleeve shirt.
    White-Orange- I love wearing these ones! I love the color orange and I have this gorgeous pair of orange skinny's that I wear with them form time to time. I also like to wear them with this little orange dress I have that I usually wear to weddings and stuff.
    I hope this helps you if you ever want to do this with your heels and helps you decided what to wear with them!
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    This is so amazing! I think Tressa's gonna tell someone!! Update as soon as you can xx
    What I Want. (+16)
    What I Want. (+16)
    I couldn't resist his eyes, his lips, his dimples.. wait, stop. I couldn't resist the being that was Luke Hemmings. But, he was my step brother. What if Ashton found out? What if our parents found out?...
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