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Whats up, my homies, its ya boy! Young Chumean. Here to bring you some quality entertainment. Don't forget to drop a like and a favorite on all my stories, trust me, its good for your health. And as a wise man once said, "He who yanks with enough force, starts his lawnmower." So go out, to your local ghetto, and mow some lawns!

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    Thanks for reading! Please leave a comment on your thoughts, this story is meant to be a little... strange sometimes. :)
    Robert Cuts the Grass
    Robert Cuts the...
    This is a story about a guy named Robert. He lives a pretty chaotic life, from his wanna-be-hooker mom, to his tomboy girlfriend Avee. He goes on plenty of action packed adventures and meets many 'interesting'...
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    This story is so awesome! Jeff and Jane are totally not meant for each other, this girl is what he really deserves.
    Nightshade Series: My BIG Smile (Book 1)
    Nightshade Series:...
    This story should be posted on the wiki however if it isn't, please do that for me, take all credit if you wish. For those who are Jeff The Killer fangirls, this is the story for you! As for you JaneXJeff...
    Thanks for seeing things my way :3
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    Thank you ^_^
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