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Hi I'm Chloe!i am 14 years old(i know it says im older but thats so i can read all the fanfics ;)) i have short brown curly hair and green eyes.(I know crazy right!)but unfortunately I don't have dimples.i like 1D(obviously),bars and melody and ed sheeran!I'm not a 'popular' girl and I'm not pretty I'm just.....me.i like playing truth or dare and I'll do almost any dare. it's really funny sometimes lol! So yeah that's basically me i guess so erm yeah! Love you guys! Bye! XX

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    I'm really sorry but I lost my account and I've only just got it back so I'm just gonna create a new back but the same story x
    Styles x 4
    Styles x 4
    Three boys:harry Edward and marcel styles! One girl:chloe styles Chloe styles is the sister of the styles triplets harry Edward and marcel.harry is the heartthrob Edward is the punk and marcel is a nerd!their...
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    Please update or make a sequel!!!!!!
    Being His Royal Good Girl || Punk H.S (Editing)
    Being His Royal...
    You could say she just like any other girl out there but that would be a total lie. Kendall, eldest sister of Liam Payne is next in line for throne. Living the life of a royal has put a great amount of...
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    Oh my god I love this book and YOU HAVE TO DO A SEQUEL PLEASE!!!!!!!!
    Just The Baker Boy
    Just The Baker Boy
    Camille Amaya has always loved the baker boy that worked with her. She worked at Holmes Chapel Bakery side by side every Saturday, until he decided to furfill his dream on becoming the next big singer....
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    Hey could I have a cover for my new book please it's called "from a nerd to a princess" and it's a Louis fanfic and basically Louis falls in love with a nerdy girl and she's bullied and cuts so I'd be really grateful if you did a cover for me!!!!
    Katie<31D 's Cover Store! 😘
    Katie<31D 's Cover...
    Hi guys, this is my cover store. Feel free to check it out! -Katie 😘 Ps it's completely free.
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