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"God has given you one face and you make yourself another"
William Shakespeare.

"I can see the stars from America"
Ed Sheeran/All of The Stars

"That's the thing about pain, it demands to be felt"
The Fault In Our Stars

"There's nothing wrong with you. There's a lot wrong with the world you live in"
Chris Colfer.

Lift your head up princess. If not, the crown falls.

I may not be there yet but, I'm closer than I was yesterday.


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    mumbled "Okay."

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    So I know that I left for few days without anyone knowing, and I feel bad. :( I even saw I lost few fans but I guess I deserve it.
    I wanted to apologize for the sudden and unknown leave. And also I might not be back for another few days. :( Its really hard for me to be on Movellas since I hardly get time for myself so, being on Movellas is hard. Im also facing few problems that kept me away from social media for a while.
    Ahh I guess thats all. And most of you will be starting school, or already have started, but I wish you guys good luck.

    Also if I know you on instagram, I want to clear out that account is no longer mine. I gave it to my younger cousin. So its your choice to keep on following that account or unfollow it.

    I guess that's all.
    Have a wonderful day.

    Love, Camryn.

  • ✘Axonymous ✘
    Happy Birthday Love!
    I have to say i will never regret clicking your username when i first saw it.
    You are an AMAZING person and a fabulous writer.
    I hope you have an exceptional birthday!

    ✘Axonymous ✘
    6 years ago
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    No problem love! (: Butt that gif, Godd its soo cute. ♡•♡
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    1) The Fault In Our Hearts
    2) Fan Fiction/ soft and a bit serious
    3) Harry Styles and/or Emma Stone
    4) Its not published and I don't want to give anything out , :p sovvy
    5) Axonymous
    6) None
    7) Other : If you are using Harry , then please don't use his recent pictures or the pictures from 2014.

    Thankk youu! And I look forward to see how the cover turns out.
    Also I understand if you can't make my cover. :)
    CorkyPorky's Cover Store //CLOSED
    CorkyPorky's Cover...
    I really enjoy making covers, so I figured why not make covers for other people on Movellas? Just comment the details listed in the first chapter and I'll do my best to make a cover to the best of my...
    6 years ago
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    Done! Hope you like! Lemme know if you don't! x
    ✘Axonymous ✘
    6 years ago
    It looks beautiful but i was wondering, could you put Harry on there aswell?
    If not then its alright. (:
    6 years ago
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    Sure- I'll let you know when I update it :)
  • ✘Axonymous ✘
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    Hello! (:
    I know I have bothered you many times , asking to make a cover or banner and im really sorry. Its just, I find your covers interesting and I just feel like to ask for more covers.

    I understand if you can't make me another one. (:

    Title: The Fault In Our Hearts

    Author: Axonymous

    Brief Description: Ahh I don't wanna give anything out :p sovvy.

    FanFiction: Celebrities: Harry Styles and/or Emma Stone

    How I picture it: I literally have no idea. CX

    Anything else: Umm just a thing that if you use Harry, then please don't use his newest pictures or pictures from 2014.

    If there are any questions, just fire away.
    Thankss Cas.

    Cassidy's Covers [CLOSED]
    Cassidy's Covers...
    [Temporarily closed while I finish up all the requests I have! PLEASE DO NOT COMMENT MORE REQUESTS WHILE I AM CLOSED!] Hi all you wonderful people! Since I haven't gotten back into the swing of writing...
    ✘Axonymous ✘
    6 years ago
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    *recent pictures. Not newest. :p
    ✘Axonymous ✘
    6 years ago
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    Once again you have let me speechless. The covers are just frantastic (< see what I did there) anyway, yeah.

    Thank you soo much !!! (: (: (: xx
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