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is this real life?

  • CalTheMallBoy

    mumbled "am i in the wrong?"

    okay so im rarely on here as i have exams, and i cant see mumbles on my ipod. i asked for a review of one of my stories and i got called disrespectful because i didnt see their mumble to me, asking about something relating to the review. i cant ask for a review now and im pretty confused. am i in the wrong?
    Le Fox
    2 years ago
    I don't really think that's disrespectful tbh. Maybe you should try and approach them directly and try to work things out, or you could ask if it's still okay because you didn't mean to be rude? :)
    2 years ago
    thats the thing, i have they said
    "i'm not sure how you never received any notifications, especially since I tagged you in them. But even so you replied to comment you left the first time around. In my response I stated that you had to get back to me on the mumble and wall posts I tagged you in.

    If you hadn't received them why didn't you say anything then? Instead all you replied with was a smiley face.

    Also, if you 'rarely go on your laptop anyway' why ask for a review from a store that requires you to respond back after you've received it?

    I'm sorry if you're upset. But I asked for your cooperation and you never responded. I have nothing more to say to you, you can kindly take your story to another store that'll review it. Because it certainly won't be reviewed here. Thank you and enjoy what's left of your week."
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    mumbled "yay @ life"

    some people annoy me wtf
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    mumbled "i have an idea for a book"

    i recently watched a movie (it wasnt english) and it was so cute hduyjw
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    mumbled "SNAPCHAT"

    who wants to start a streak with me on snapchat? my name is 'imcalledelle'.
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    mumbled "Dead Dreams"