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Gotta Niall.
^ I actually do that way too often, some days you'll doubt I even exist and some days you'll wish I never existed. *evil laugh* *cries*

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    The beginning is good, I hope you come back and update it at some point :)
    Be Careful What You Wish For
    Be Careful What...
    Ashton Riley, your typical conceded, whiny, & mouthy rich girl. In everyone's eyes she has the picture perfect life, but for her money doesn't buy happiness. The outside world some-what intrigues her,...
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    I can't wait to read this :)
    Stuff Trans People Go Through (and pretty much everything trans!!)
    Stuff Trans People...
    Hello everyone, it's Brayden! So this book will contain stuff that trans people go through pretty much on a daily basis, and will also contain info on what it's like to be trans, and how to be a helpful...
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    mumbled "Ellooo"

    Hey guys, so if anyone was waiting for an update on Complications or something, I don't know haha, I'm sorry but I've been busy getting back into the usual school life routine. I'm working on a chapter though, it'll be up soon hopefully.
    I hope you're all having a good day, all the love x
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    Wow, this is really impressive. The lyrics are great, as usual and I love the idea about the beginning, it's unique and good. I love your songs, can't wait for your next album by the way xD
    Hope To Die [Single]
    Hope To Die [Singl...
    The first released single for my upcoming album There Is A Devil, It Lives Under My Bed. Enjoy.
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