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I saw this site while browsing through fanfiction sites. I'm on a quest to expand my audience, so I thought I may as well join. I go by Blue Rose, and my preferred pronoun is she/her. My username on fanfiction.net is spittingllama7856. On Ao3, it's This_Time_I_Wont_Regret_My_Username. It's the same on Quotev, though without any underscores or capitalized letters.

Bear with me while I figure out how to use this site. I'm slow to learn new concepts.

  • Blue Rose

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    1 months agoReply
    I'm fairly new to this and don't know how things work, as I frequent FNN, Ao3, and Quotev more often than I do Movellas. Does anyone have any tips on how to actually get people to read what I write (I struggle with this on Quotev as well)? I don't have much up right now as I slowly transfer my stories over, so is that why? Or maybe I really just don't write stories people enjoy? I appreciate any kind of advice or blunt opinions.
    Rain :)
    1 months ago
    Hello and welcome! The more ypu write and publish the more your work gets read. I haven't read your work so I don't know what it is like. People on here read whatever there is. The saying goes never judge a book by its cover but it is a help to have a good cover.
    Oh and movellas is very quiet in the summer months.
    Trust this helps!! Feel free to be in touch if you need some help.
    Love Rain. X
    Blue Rose
    1 months ago
    Thank you! This does help. :)
    Rain :)
    1 months ago
    Goodo! X
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