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Twenty two | Writing | Music | PLL | I love One Direction

  • light me up.
    I love this so much! This is amazing. Keep up the great work! I can't wait to read more<3
    We'll Always Have Paris - A Harry Styles Fanfiction
    We'll Always Have...
    Gabrielle Moreau is a 19-year old French girl living in Paris, the “capital of love”. To most people she looks ordinary, but behind her high-built façade hides a girl that suffers. She tries to shut the...
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    I like it so far! Hope you update soon!(: I can't wait for more.<3
    Anything can happen
    Anything can happe...
    Melanie never liked One Direction. Liam never believed in love at first sight. But Anything can happen in one night.
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    What do you all think so far? Should I continue this? Drop a comment and let me know!!<3
    She knew he was dangerous. She tried to keep her distance from him but that doesn’t stop him from trying to get to her. He was just the typical Frat party college boy who loved to get pissed drunk and...
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    I think this is pretty good. I've noticed quite a few spelling mistakes and grammar issues but once you fix that, i think you'll be good to go. This sounds very promising nonetheless (: and it's easier to read if you space out all of the parts when people are speaking c: just trying to help.
    The Dark Side Of You
    The Dark Side Of...
    This is a One Direction Fan Fiction. Read to Find Out!
    8 years ago
    Thank you for reading my stroy :) i will fix the seplling and grammar
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    What do you all think of this so far? Comments are very welcome! Let me know what you all think - it would mean so much <3
    From This Moment On [Sequel to All I've Ever Wanted]
    From This Moment...
    Harry and Samantha have been married for six months. The two are still madly in love and preparing for their first born child that will become their entire world in a few coming months. Since they will...
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