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I will do books for people if you ask.. I do have cancer so I wont be able to do much at the time..

Mottos: Life is a book, for it to be good, you have to read all of it.

Someone: Did It hurt when you fell from heaven?
Me: *Grins* No but I scraped my knee when I crawled out of hell.

10% Luck
20% Skill
15% Concentrated Power Of Will
5% Pleasure
50% Pain
100% Reason To Remember The Name.

Hobbies: I sing, I draw, I dance, I Paint, I do oil pastel, I also write books.

My Holidays:
Monday: #NationalBaconDay
Tuesday: #NationalOreoWaffleDay
Wednesday #NationalFriedChickenDay
Thursday: #NationalCupcakeDay
Friday: #NationalBuffetDay! I am such a goof sometimes ^.^

  • Blake Emerald

    mumbled "Bad News! PLEASE READ"

    Hello Everyone.. I have something to say.. It's not easy for me so please listen.. I have had a knot in my heart which starting ripping a hole in my heart, as so i thought for some time until one of my daily appointments with my doctor.. He said, the knot wasn't even a knot... It was a tumor... I figured out I have internal cancer... =..(
    Blake Emerald
    5 years ago
    Its okay and thanks it makes me feel better to know people care ^-^
    Blake Emerald
    5 years ago
    Sebastian Pedersen
    No... no no no... please :( I was shocked when i first saw this in my inbox.. I really hope that the treatment you'll get work =/

    Stay strong, so many people loves you!

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