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I am just a girl with the craziest mind ever..

I like anime, wolves, apparently misspelling things, the colors blue and purple, manga, and books.

My favorite animes and shippings for those animes:
Darker than Black Li/Yin
Hetalia: FrUKUS, GerIta, Spamano and PruCan ^J^
Soul Eater: Soul/Maka and Kidd/Liz
Fruits Basket: Tohru/Kyo

In my profile pic I am holding a wolf pup! (That day I died from excitement)

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    mumbled "CRYSTAL!!"

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    [Crystalar99] GO ON WATTPAD, SEARCH FOR KIDDSYMMETRY UNDER PEOPLE AND LOOK AT MY BOOKS! The one called 'Crack' says IRL and fandom rant in the table of contents
    I dedicated it to you, Megan, and two others.
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