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Hi, I'm Becca and welcome to my page.

I'm a giant nerd. I love reading, writing, drawing and painting. I want to try and cosplay at least something at some point in my life. My personality type is INFP. I'm a Ravenclaw.

Victoria Raven - You must be my long lost sister or something like that, we're so alike it's scary. I don't know what I'd do without you and our insane yet amazing conversations.

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    Favourite food? Chocolate fudge cake.
    Favourite colour? Black or blue.
    Favourite music? Urm... anything really my music taste is all over the place.
    Talents? Urm... swimming or drawing? I don't know what I'm good at.
    In love? I was - not now.
    Hobbies? Swimming, cheerleading, used to do netball. Drawing, writing and reading.
    Gamer? No. I do watch a lot of Let's Plays though.
    Height? 5'1"
    Eye colour? Hazel.
    Hair colour? Originally blonde/brown. It's now dyed dark brown.
    Shirt colour? The one I'm wearing at the moment is black.
    Jeans or shorts? Jeans.
    Get married? In the future maybe.
    Have kids? In the future maybe.
    Daydream? Way too much.
    Someone you love? Friends, family, various celebrities
    Someone you hate? A lot of people, not much space to write them all I'm afraid.
    Dream job? Not sure yet - but something to do with English.
    Pepsi or Coca Cola? Either - I don't really drink fizzy drinks though.
    Currently reading? Game of Thrones: A Song of Ice and Fire
    Biggest fear: Not being good enough, failure, being alone oh and you know the freaking ocean.
    A quote you live by: 'It's fun that way, If you take it too seriously it becomes boring and it's not fun. It's all about the fun.'

    I don't know who to tag so anyone can do this :)
    Victoria Raven
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