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  • Balleen.Doonanes.Dogs
    Honestly, I know you finished this ages ago but I cant help but believe that this is by far one the best fan fics I've read on Movellas. Well done! This story is awesome
    Sofia's Story- Order of the Phoenix
    Sofia's Story- Ord...
    It is Sofia's second year at Hogwarts and Voldemort has returned. Things are about to change at Hogwarts, and Sofia must prepare to face her fate.
  • Balleen.Doonanes.Dogs
    plz update, its not getting worse! It's an amazing story! Keep going!
    Reading Your Own Life
    Reading Your Own...
    Harry has just been attacked by Dementors, he wants to know what is going on and why people are ignoring him. When he gets a letter though, it isn't what he expects. It seems to be from the future! Not...
  • Balleen.Doonanes.Dogs
    plz change the looking into the future movella!!! I'm 13 and really want to read it!!
    Looking Into The Future || Book One
    Looking Into The...
    Harry is wandering around the school at night at the end of his 3rd year. He finds the seven HP books along with a note. DISCLAIMER- I AM NOT QUEEN ROWLING, IM JUST AN INNOCENT 13 YEAR OLD AMERICAN...
  • Balleen.Doonanes.Dogs
    its been over a month!!! plz update soon!!!! I need to know what's happened!!!
    Cries of the Forgotten
    Cries of the Forgo...
    *SEQUEL TO DOUBLE TROUBLE* Harry and Mackenzie enter their second year at Hogwarts, planning for lots of fun, learning, and pranks with their friends at school. However, things don't go quite as they...
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