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I love anything harry potter.

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    ideas and stories

    i have an idea about a book, but i need help with a story line, my book is called "If Voldemort Won". i want a book about when harry potter wasn't around anymore, i just need help with the basic events.
    I suggest you read the crushed child the part where Scorpios is in Hogwarts but Harry is dead and voldemort is alive that might give you some inspiration
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    this is amazing! it is very detailed, and I love the story line!
    Love and Pranks
    Love and Pranks
    The Weasley Twins fall In love, 2 girls..Angelina Johnson and Nicole Black, Sirius Black's little sister. Written from my point of view(ya'know) Comment, share and like,maybe?
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    i love it already!
    Adventures through Storybooke
    Adventures through...
    Natalie was just a teenage girl with a bully and no friends. Not that unusual. Until one day, when she wishes with all her heart to join the worlds in the storybooks she loves so much, and finds herself...
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