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"Hey, What's up, Hello"

I'm Molly and yes I do sound like either a cat, dog or a bitchy girl but I am neither. Infact the only thing I am is different.

For example:
I love video games especially on my PlayStation! Ed Sheeran is my favourite artist ever! And I am in love with every Disney film but my favourite has to be Peter Pan (Hence the name XD). I also love music in general. My music taste isn't fussy. My friends and family are my life and i don't know what I would do without them. The walking dead is so amazing. I spend most of my life on YouTube. I love doing peoples make up. Love playing out with my next door neighbours. Jack and Jack are bae! Doctor who is amazing! To be honest quite geeky in a sense, I love english and writing in general. The other half of my life that I don't spend on YouTube I am either outside or sleeping.

I also happen to be Swedish at heart! I was born their but don't really talk in Swedish much any more because when I was 12 I got moved to Columbia for my mum because her dad was dying and we lived there till two years ago.

Well I do hope to start writing on here and to make some great friends!

  • Intoxicating Love Addict
    I'd just like to start of by saying that you are amazing and so is your writing. You seem really active on writing comments in books which makes you seem so friendly and kind. You also seem so connected with you friends and followers. Hope you have a wonderful day.
    Juvia Lockser
    4 years ago
    thank you so much your comment meant so much to me!!! <3
    Intoxicating Love Addict
    Your welcome. I mean it :)

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    You seem to like things notamy people do which makes you unique and knowing a unique person is quite a treat because you don't know what to expect and yes everyone is unique in their own little way. You seem really bubbly and full of joy like nothing can really bring you down. You seem sweet and happy and your writing is amazing. Hope you have a wonderful day.
    Intoxicating Love Addict
    Your welcome :)
    4 years ago
    Oh and you seem like an awesome person so yeah... I had to follow you! :P
    Intoxicating Love Addict
    Thank you :)

  • Intoxicating Love Addict
    From what I can tell you seem really kind and a tiny bit jokey. Although you might only have 13 well 14 if you include me you are a great addition to Movellas and are greatly loved by people! You seem really active with commenting on books and being an all round happy person. Hope you have a wonderful day.
    The Dark Lord Voldemort
    thanks. you have a wonderful day as well! *follows*
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