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My name is really Ebony ppl call me Eb for short me and my BFF co writes her name is Elana ppl call her lana banana cos together we r partners in crime we hav the same taste in stuff such as our fav colour is blue we luv 1D we hav a guy friend and we came up with a nickname for him at the same time (telekinisis) it was cupcake so if u hav a BFF never i mean ever criticise them give them ultimatums or be rude to them don't dis em be nice sisters b4 misters sis b4 douches its hard to come across a friend who cares for u loves u as a sis backs u up always there 4 ya stands up for u just 2 be there is caring about them so if u and ur friend at the moment r fighting 4get about the problem make up hug each other tru friends never stay angry at each other ok I'm all about caring and bein there for my friends thats all I'm about so go call them say sorry u can never lose some one close to u

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    I just finished the story for you loveyoutoo Katie and Niall
    One Direction Imagines/Preferences
    One Direction Imag...
    HEY HEY HEY!! You want an imagine or a preference just comment!! :) THANKS!!!! LOVE YA DIRECTIONERS!!!
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    Update plzzz
    Creatures of The Night (A 1D FanFic)
    Creatures of The...
    It was all supposed to be a nice simple weekend off for the five boys of One Direction but it soon turned into an old fashion spy movie! On this simple camping weekend Harry and Louis come across an interesting...
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    Update plzzzzzzzzzzz
    Yikes! One Direction are What?
    Yikes! One Directi...
    A One Direction Fan fiction with a darker twist. I'm Eliza. I`m at a One Direction concert with my Best friend. I was lucky enough to win a meet and greet that would change my life forever. When...
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    Louis and Savana were bestfriends since they were in diapers. But when Louis leaves unexpectedly for the X-Factor it leaves Savanna alone and broken. What happens when she finally breaks? What happens...
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