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Hi everyone! I'm Annie;
I've been on Movellas for a while now and my best pastime is checking out new movellas and movellians, as I like to make everyone feel welcome. I am open to any genres, but still favour poetry! <3
I live in the U of the K and am currently 16. I love music and anything creative. Honestly, talk to me, ask questions on my blog and I am happy to read whatever you request. Feedback is my strong point, and I always try to give constructive criticism, otherwise it's not worth me reading the movella at all!
Be inspired, be creative, and love what you've got.

  • Annie.G

    mumbled "In Memoriam"

    5 years agoReply
    Today is an important day, and one I hope we can all recognise, especially in the light of the recent terrorist attacks in Tunisia. For a decade ago today, 52 people were killed in the centre of London, at Aldgate, Edgeware Road and Russell Sqaure tube stations and on a bus in Tavistock Square. One of those killed was Jenny Nicholson from Bristol, 24 at the time and engaged to be married. I was lucky enough to know this amazing woman while she was alive, an although 16 years in age between us, our mothers were and still are best friends, and we have much in common: a love of literature and music for a start.

    The following extract is taken from my memoire of the occasion and following years, as the 7/7 bombings were one of the very first events where I can remember exactly where and when I was when I heard, as it had such a personal impact.

    'The two boxes came home with my Dad the following week. He worked in Bristol, so picked them up from Julie's house on the way home. It was Jenny's old music.
    My Mum asked me to help her sort through it. She still looked very sad. It was full of mainly song books, quite a good deal of Choral Music and several books of Piano music, around grades five to seven ABRSM and general collections of composers. My favourite.
    "Jenny would have loved you to have these," my Mum assured me, as I cautiously picked out a book of Vaughan-Williams folk songs. I placed it on our small, upright piano and attempted to play it. I couldn't play the piano accompaniment for these folk songs, so I sufficed by playing the tune and singing along quite happily. The only thing that slightly distressed me was the thought that the last time this music had been placed on a piano and played, it had been played by Jenny.
    I had the feeling, then, that someone was watching me.
    I knew it was Jenny.'

    Please take a moment today in your thoughts and prayers to remember the 52 victims, their families and friends, and every single victim of terrorism both before and since this one attack, out of the hundreds more.

    You can also watch Julie's story, Jenny's mother, on BBC iPlayer, a dramatised version of the book she published about the experience and her grief. bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b061c786/a-son..

    “You must think the world’s a pretty bleak place right now, I just want you to know there’s still some good people left in it. Don’t let them win. Courage.”
    John Bryan
    5 years ago
    I must admit until recently I didn't realise it had been 10 years since the 7/7 attacks, that kind of took me by surprise that it had been that long.

    My mum watched that drama that was on last Sunday, and I saw some of the memorial service on tv this morning.

    My mum said the dram was sad and the parts of the service I saw were very moving.

    Yeah, there are still good people and I hope there are enough of them to stop the ones spreading evil and death.
    5 years ago
    "Jenny didn't hate. So neither must I."
    Thanks John, I really hope there is enough goodness!
    Nina :)
    5 years ago
    This is so sad :(
  • Annie.G

    mumbled "Hi. I still exist."

    5 years agoReply
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    Hey peeps, just thought I ought to let you know I'm still alive and checking in every now and then. However my A Level exams (e.g. THE most important exams of my life so far) start in 10 days which would explain my 6 month absence. Then it's only a short ride away and I'm free for the summer, so if you're hopeful you might see a bit more of When They Whisper go up in a couple of weeks. Not far from finishing that one and then, you never know, Elevea might see the end of its trilogy!

    Just, HI, I'M ALIVE, HOPE YOU ARE TOO. I still love you guys to bits just not having tons of fun right now ;) I'm sure you all understand and are going through similar torment. Stay strong, not long to go xxx
    5 years ago
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    5 years ago
    Just about alive anyway ;)
    Heey SQUONK! English, Latin, Music and RPE. Not many essays to write then :P How is yourself? xx
    5 years ago
    Cheers! English has to be my all time favourite so you're right, essays are pretty interesting :D
  • Annie.G

    mumbled "The ghost is back!"

    6 years agoReply
    Hello my dearest, dearest chums! I am aware I have been hiding away for quite a few months now, and you won't be surprised to hear that A Levels have officially taken over my life, writing has ground to a screeching halt and I basically have no social life.

    But that is not my only excuse. For the past four months, I have been growing dusty inside the school library with my head constantly shoved inside a book, preparing for University applications and interviews. So I thought I should relay to you all some wonderful news I received yesterday...

    I have been made an offer to study English at Trinity College, CAMBRIDGE!!

    To say I'm happy/excited/still in shock, would be an insulting understatement. I have, thankfully, stopped crying uncontrollably by now.

    So sorry for disappearing completely and abandoning you all. I wish I could be more creatively productive now, but unfortunately, I, as of yesterday, now have 2A*s and 2A's to gain... thanks a bunch, Cambridge ;)

    But here is also a solemn promise: I shall hang around to chat, and yes, the creativity is still going on in my life, just mostly in my head and never enough time to write it down in order to give it complete justice.

    Also, my novel 'When They Whisper' is nearly finished and I am on the hunt for Beta readers if you are interested! I don't want to put the whole thing on here due to legal reasons, but seeing as no more is currently being written, if you want to receive a 90% finished novel and give feedback on how you think it will/want it to end, please get in touch :)

    How is everyone in this universe? I've honestly missed you all too much <3 xxx
    6 years ago
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    Thanks White Ravens! xx

    Why hello there, Rogue, I've missed you! What has life thrown your way since we last spoke?

    Love2write, it really has been ages! I was really disappointed with myself: thought I was gunna party all evening and instead was so emotionally shattered I just went to bed ;) How's school? xx
    6 years ago
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    No matter where or when you are, school seems to love making life difficult ;)
    I'm taking English Lit, Latin, Philosophy&Ethics and Music this year. Not many essays... :P I'm guessing you take English? xx
    6 years ago
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    Ohh lit and lang sounds wonderful! Wish my school offered that! Music is meant for hobbies really, I only have to do it because my school is a specialist music one... the A Level is no fun at all :'( but Latin definitely is! Hard work indeed, but I simply love the Classical world and everything about it, even the impossible language ;)
    If you want to be introduced to philosophy, read 'The Philosophy Files' by Stephen Law: really user-friendly, perfect for an introduction and picks on all the biggest topics and issues. Very funny, too! xx
  • Annie.G

    mumbled "University... WHAT? :D"

    6 years agoReply
    Can't believe it! Just got my first two Uni offers in 24 hours!
    And I want to study English Literature... ;) thought you all might appreciate that!
    Good luck everyone else who's applied/in the process of applying. May the force be with you <3 xx
    6 years ago
    Royal Holloway (University of London) and York! And yes, do study English, it's just the coolest degree ever! ;)
    Yeah, sorry I've been a social recluse. For some reason the work load doesn't get any smaller at A2... :'( and I've had to ban myself from writing/daydreaming about writing until I've got all the Uni offers I want! But I guess I can still talk to you guys :P
    How's life been treating you? xxx
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