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    @[Loony's *sami* Goldshine] hey my name is Casey i would like to ask if you can do an imagine for me in your book the mortal instruments here is my info

    name: casey lea Herondale
    looks: not too short and not to tall, i have brownish red hair,
    who are you: im a shadowhunter
    who else is in it: clary, izzy, alec, magnus, jace and luke
    what do you want to happen; i want to be luke's daughter from the past my mother is just some one night stand, i want alec to be straight (if not to much trouble) and we all go out to dinner and jace knows im in love with alec so he sets this dinner up and half way though it everyone leaves and me and alec are left by our selves we confess out love and we make out but there is one issue i am for real currently 7 months pregnant
    anything else you think is important: im 7 months pregnant, i can draw and im really good with bow and arrows

    in my imagine can you put tha im pregnant to jace, one night stand
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    We all have to admit that we have had a crush on Jace or Alec or even Simon at least once before. Or have you ever wanted to team up with Isabelle and deafete a greater demon? If so this is the place for...

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