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Hi.i love 5sos. I love the ship Lashton
But my fav is calum . I hate pink . I would have a pic of myself for the profile but I don't take selfies (I know I'm weird) my album is full of 5sos nothing else. My fave emoji is ��and��and��plus5⃣�� bloop

Ok I may have said Calum is my fave but I change every friggin day so ya

  • AmayaC.A.L.M
    Plz update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Pregnant 101 With Harry 3
    Pregnant 101 With...
    A new set of challenges is assigned to the life of Kat Styles and Harry Styles. They now have two children and are now a big happy family. But will there be drama still itching to be let into their lives?...
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