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Hello world of Movellas! I like cheese and Death angels. NO I'm not Emo or Gothic. I'm a vegetarian. Anyone want to be friends? :)
Fan for a Fan.
Read for a Read.
P.S Meow.
p.p.s if anyone can kill me i would be grateful.(being trueful)

  • Alex DeathAngel
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    Agent Magpie
    Agent Magpie
    My life is dangerous. I tell lies. I hide. I keep secrets. It's my life and it always has been. I don't blame my parents for it, not really. It just so happens they're spies so I'm a spy, easy as, that's...
    Lily Anna
    6 years ago
    Thanks for that comment. XD
  • Alex DeathAngel

    mumbled "Chapter one."

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    Beyond the ReflectionEverything changed once my brothers and I moved house as a cause of my parents divorce. I guess that this is where my crazy adventure began. Things didn't...

    I have published chapter one to 'Beyond the Reflection'. please go read and comment. Thank you.
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