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Aldrin; A Black Crusader from the grim darkness of the future, where there is only war...

❒ Go to Hogwarts
❒ Become a Jedi
✔ Become a Pokémon Trainer~

Author of the Month - August 2016

One thing to note about me, ladies and germs, is that I maybe on a reading and writing website, but know this... I hardly read. So if you want CC's... Apologies.

But another thing to note, is that I am an unbelievably big nerd. Let me name but a few things I am a nerd for:
Lord of the Rings,
Monster Hunter,
The Souls Games,
Game of Thrones,
Avatar: The Last Airbender,
Star Wars (But the Old Republic mostly),
Warhammer; Both Fantasy and 40,000
"I am one of the Fountain Guard;
I am Sinnoh's League Champion;
I am the Answers by Puppet;
I am a G Rank Hunter;
I am the Master of the Nightingales;
I am of the Cursed Undead;
I am a Knight of the Kingsguard;
I am a Dai Li Agent of Ba Sing Se;
I dare to see the world for what it could be;
I am a Sith Lord of the Old Sith Empire;
I am a Daemon Prince of Khorne;
I am an Omega Level Mutant."

And I am no Potterhead. However, for those of you who are...
"I am a Death Eater of the Dark Lord."

But I have been considered a good person. One person in particular even said this about me, which I personally love:

- "You're too nice for your own good..." -

Check me out on deviantart - AldrinHD
If you want to check out my art, it's all on there. All digitally drawn with my Wacom Tablet. In fact, all of my profile pictures are drawn by me.

- Aldrin

Come on Movellas...

by , Friday February 16, 2018
 Come on Movellas...
Honestly Movellas, I love what you do to get people reading and writing as a community. Giving a platform for creative media to unfold.  But what the hell is this?  Spam bots? Really? You haven't implemented a way to stop spam bots signing in and wreaking havoc? Something that was solved simply back in 1997? Oh, and this isn't the only evidence I have for these malicious spam bots. I've seen literal GIF porn on the User Blogs. Porn. Your ToS actively....

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