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Hello :D
I like to write Fan Fic even though its not the best, and It's mostly about One Direction! I just want to say Thank You if you read my stories like or favorite them means a lot. Fan me and I might just fan back!

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    AHHHHHH I've been gone for so long I've missed Movellas, I have so many stories that are half way in the making... Some one direction and some just regular no celebs... But I don't know if anyone would wanna read them. Given the fact of my absence... :/
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    For my readers of a night out an update is coming tomorrow i am so sorry for taking forever (blame school and finals) but i want to be able to update as much as i can while i am on break :)
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    i don't know if i should start writing on Wattpad? any of my fans have it?
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    I have one!!! But all I will say is procied with coution if you only have horibly uneddited drafts like I do. Some people will write bad comments to where they will make you question that if the work is good enough. so fair warning but it is a good test for everyone and I do recomend it but I am just one person that just started I recomend getting other opinions before starting and think carefuly since it is more profecinal and "competive" writing site.
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    So A sequel was requested :O i'm sorry i'm trying to get the first chapter going but there's school and so. and I don't want to disappoint with a crummy sequel and chapter so I'm sorry that I'm lagging :(
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