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Living in the backwoods of Connecticut is blissful. I enjoy the woods very much. I have many hobbies one of which is some form of writing.

I do feel as though before reading my stories my writing should be explained a little. For the most part, I think I could write on a more professional level, certainly not hardcover publish worthy but enough to keep most of the anal critics at bay online. Honestly it gives me a headache. I write for fun, I have a vivid imagination and I want to use it. So as result I write the way I do. Although unorthodox I feel as though my writing, at least in more recent edits flows okay and is enjoyable to read. I hope the stories themselves far make up for the strange writing behavior.

I'm very friendly so if you ever want to chat please go ahead and do so!

Day to Day Life

by , Wednesday July 10, 2019


Outside Movellas


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