Jaden & Darnell

Jaden is an intelligent, introvert and sensitive girl, but gets ridiculed verbally and physically at school by lascivious classmates and even insensitive teachers, especially in class, where her physical beauty is mercilessly preyed on to make her 'Fair Game' in front of her male peers. Her brains and cocky attitude catch the attention of Darnell, a handsome athletic 'Bad Boy' who secretly feels an undetermined interest but would never risk admitting (possibly not even to himself) having any romantic feelings, least of all for a 'nerdy girl', and yet remains tortured over Jaden's defiance. When the boy finally comes over to Jaden's place while her parents are away, a climactic confrontation with a heated frustrating twist is in the making...

Author's note

The events depicted in this story are fictitious. Any similarity to any person living or dead is merely coincidental

8. Chapter 8


Darnell began to thrust into her as she reached up and put her hands on his shoulders, savoring every thrust as he slid in and out of her. Darnell's thrusts began to pick up speed and strength as he felt the heat rising in his face, every thrust felt amazing as their moans filled the room. Darnell took her hands in his and pinned her arms lightly as he sped up, her tiny tits almost flat on her back, but her nipples shaking with each movement. Darnell could feel himself getting close, his balls aching for release as he looked down at her lovely body, and she looked back with eyes full of lust and desire. "Cum for me, it's so good," she moaned, her body writhing under him, "fill me, I want it." Darnell couldn't hold on any longer and he did, he felt warm cum erupt from his throbbing cock, pushing inside her warm wetness. Jaden let out a satisfied moan as his thrusts slowed and Darnell collapsed on top of her, rolling to the side as he pulled out of her.

Jaden was breathing heavily and smiled at him “you’re gonna turn me into a sex addict” she whispered.

"I pegged you for one since I first saw you," Darnell chuckled as he laid back drawing Jaden into his arms. It was nearing midnight and he knew they'd have to be up early for school-which he barely gave a crap about at this moment. Being with this girl who after all the asshole shit, he pulled, only encouraged his hidden passion now fully on the surface. Jaden is his, and he was hers.

Jaden laughs softly and she laid her head on his chest breathing softly.

For a moment they just laid there, the house eerily silent after how loud it had just seemed. Jaden sat up as the cum began to leak out of her, she probably would've liked to have a towel but began to wipe herself off with a small smile. She curled up next to Darnell and gave him a gently kiss and another longing gaze.

"I hope this was a great night for you," she said softly with a sudden shy smile. Darnell kissed her back, "I'd say it was... but now?" He hadn't considered the ramifications of others until that very moment and Jaden just looked at him. Yet criticism from others were the last thing he cared about. He'd come for Jaden and wasn't letting go of her.

"I just don't want you to think I'm still...a creep or...a Crotch Dog..." Darnell bit the inside of his cheek as if he were sitting in the principal's office under interrogation. Looking back at her willing what seemed to be a tear not to manifest.

"I've been so damn mad for you and don't wanna go back to putting up fronts just to hear you talk to me." The fact he said it all in one breath stunned the boy till his heart hammered against his ribs.



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