Jaden & Darnell

Jaden is an intelligent, introvert and sensitive girl, but gets ridiculed verbally and physically at school by lascivious classmates and even insensitive teachers, especially in class, where her physical beauty is mercilessly preyed on to make her 'Fair Game' in front of her male peers. Her brains and cocky attitude catch the attention of Darnell, a handsome athletic 'Bad Boy' who secretly feels an undetermined interest but would never risk admitting (possibly not even to himself) having any romantic feelings, least of all for a 'nerdy girl', and yet remains tortured over Jaden's defiance. When the boy finally comes over to Jaden's place while her parents are away, a climactic confrontation with a heated frustrating twist is in the making...

Author's note

The events depicted in this story are fictitious. Any similarity to any person living or dead is merely coincidental

7. Chapter 7


Two hours into a peaceful nap, Darnell's eyes slowly opened. The washing machine seemed to have stopped a while ago. Jaden laid asleep, her body barely rising and falling with each breath she took. Slipping out of the bedroom, Darnell went downstairs and put the damp laundry in the dryer, closing the door behind him to muffle the sounds. Returning to Jaden's bed, he took his place next to her, eyes observing her from the ass up. Drawing his face close to her right cheek, Darnell began to kiss it upward towards her hip and climbing up to her exposed shoulder.

Jaden stirred slightly in her sleep as she felt the light kisses going up her body and she slowly opened her eyes.

“Good afternoon,” she spoke and close her eyes again.

"Afternoon? It's almost 6 PM" Darnell said before tickling the shell of Jaden's inviting ear with his tongue. His hands already sweeping over her nude blanket-covered body again as he nibbled upon her neck.

Jaden looked at him and yawned as she felt his light nibble across her neck, and she ran her nails down the side of his arm.

"I should probably get goin' soon...wouldn't want to scare the crap out of your folks and get chased out of your house naked." Darnell partly chuckled as he rubbed his feet over Jaden's. "I'd like to come back again-" his sentence cut off as the ringtone on Jaden's mobile sprang to life giving the pair a shot of alarm.

Jaden nodded as she grabbed her phone and she answered it.

“Hello?” she asked softly and laid back on her back.

"Hi Jaden! This is Dad. Listen, your Mom and I are going to be away for another day," a smooth polished male voice said over the line as Jaden listened while Darnell took a deep whiff of her hair and ran a hand above her crotch. The promiscuous horny flame in him had not burned out yet.

Jaden nodded “Oh okay, when will you be back?” she asked him while she looked at Darnell.

Darnell licked at Jaden's neck; the shudder she gave only made his vigor mount higher as he started to chafe Jaden's womanhood again. "We'll be back by noon tomorrow hopefully." Despite the conversation, Darnell was set on enjoying his last few minutes with Jaden. Damn when her folks were coming home. While he'd have to make a good impression on them later, he had come for the girl now putty in his hands.

Jaden closed her eyes. “O-okay,” she nodded “I-I’ll see your later…” she bit her lip her breathing quickened slightly as she took her eyes off Darnell.

"Don't look away Jay-wanna be able to see your gorgeous face again before I jet." Darnell turned her face back towards his and locked lips with Jaden again. "So, they're coming back tomorrow, huh?" he asked upon feeling his cock rest above Jaden's slit again.

Jaden kisses him back gently and nodded. “Yeah, around noon,” she looked up at him and she could feel his cock against her skin, and she bit her lip.

"Mmmm, maybe I should meet 'em. You want your folks to meet your boyfriend, right?" His legs now had Jaden's parted as he knelt before her. Darnell lathered her nipples with his tongue to coax a response from her.

Jaden moaned softly as she leaned her head back and she nodded. “I-if you want to” she stuttered slightly from the sensation his tongue sent her with.

"Sweet." Darnell said teasing the head of his cock on the edges of her pussy but didn't enter her again. "Want to look them in the faces and tell them you're mine..." he said pushing his chest over Jaden again and taking a bit of skin on her neck between his teeth again.

Jaden got wet from the constant teasing as she built up the confidence to flip him over where she was on top as she rested her hands on his bare chest. Her hair hung over her face as she looked down at him.

Pulling back Darnell decided not to make Jaden go kaboom again. He couldn't be certain but felt that she undoubtedly would become horny again and please herself, wanting to be with him again-in and out of school. "Well, I gotta go. Oh, and don't worry about my boys, they'll know not to mess with you when they see you tomorrow." He winked before rising out of the bed to go get his dry clothes. "May want to put a robe on, don't want you to catch cold."

Jaden looked after him as she bit her lip. “Y-your leaving?” she asked him as she sat up in her bed looking at him standing in her room.

"Yeah, unless you want me to stay over..." Darnell walked back towards the bed and sat on the edge facing her. "Just so you know, I sometime go commando in bed."

Jaden bit her lip “it’s up to you-“she told him as she looked him up and down. She couldn’t believe he’d tease her like that and then just up and leave.

"But for you... I'd keep company ALL NIGHT." Darnell rose and settled his legs over Jaden's waist again before leaning in to claim another kiss. "You don't want me to leave, do ya?" he asked barely able to keep his hips still as he longed to be inside Jaden again until they passed out.

Jaden shook her head softly as she kissed him back. “No,” she whispered and kissed his jawline gently.

"That's what I thought." Darnell's fingers interlocked with Jaden's as she leaned back towards the headboard. "I'd be going crazy being away from you till class..." he murmured while closing into a kiss Jaden until he sweaty back met the cold wooden frame.

Jaden looked down at him as she smiled. “You would be,” she said in a low voice as she flipped her hair over to one side and placed her hands on his chest.

"Now who's the tease?" Darnell chuckled in response as Jaden's fingers trailed over his sparsely hairy chest. "I'd love to feel your lips all over me again Jay," he said grabbing the bed sheet and flinging it aside.

Jaden kisses his lips and trailed her kisses down his jaw to his collar bone down his chest and to his v-line looking up at him.

Smiling on seeing her face looking at him again, his skin warmed from Jaden's toothsome lips. His brain nearly clouded from the daze she'd put him. in. "Looks like someone's up for Round Two."

Jaden trailed her kisses up his cock and to the tip of it as she licked it slightly and came back up smiling “I’m top this round.”

"I'm at your command..." Darnell breathed as he laid back on the mattress and closed his eyes, waiting for Jaden to make him fall for her all over again from scent, to touch, to the moves of her curves.

Jaden swallowed the lump in her throat, and she went back down to his tip kissing it softly and grabbing the bottom of his cock.

"Oh, God Jay, I love it! Ahhh, I want to paint your sweet face with my cum, damn it won't stop..." Darnell begged raising his legs up a bit as Jaden continued to suck him off devotedly.

Jaden smirked to herself as she began to suck him off moving her head up and down.

"Nnnghh oohhh ahhh mmm ughh!" Darnell moaned as Jaden went down on him displaying more backbone than he thought she had which only added to the affection he kept hidden behind a bullying disguise. Damn, she's superhuman! he thought aloud as his pulsating cock sent warnings to his brain.

Jaden closed her eyes and she kept going up and down on him as she sucked and hollowed her cheeks.

"I-I'm so close Ja-" Darnell raised his left fist towards his mouth, biting down on his thumb as he counted down to letting loose another warm load.

Jaden swallowed what he released, and she licked her lips sitting back up and she sat down on his waist.

"Fuck...you're incredible," Darnell said barely audible as Jaden lapped up his cum again while his fingers partly cramped rubbed circles into her hips. "We can do this whenever you want-anytime!" he said trying not to break out in embarrassed laughter.

Jaden blushes softly and she placed her hands on his chest and moved her hips slightly “Anytime?”

"Got new ideas in mind do ya?" Darnell asked as his mouth raised up, his interest piqued. "What do you want me to do, babe?"

Jaden bit her lip and grabbed one of his hands putting it on her throat and she closed her eyes as she moved her hips back and forth.

Darnell lightly increased the pressure on Jaden's throat but not too much that he'd choke her. His slightly hardened cock still warm sheathed within her. As she began to ride him again, Darnell found himself in between flipping her onto her back or letting her still tower over him.

"Ahh yeah, that's it-moan, moan till you can barely say your name..." he barely uttered before biting into the nearest pillow on a whim.

Jaden leaned her head back and increased her speed and weight as she moaned softly rolling her eyes back.

Darnell reached up and placed both of Jaden's nipples between his fingers and gently squeezed, as she began to grind against him in return. She was so tight and warm, Darnell was afraid he wouldn't be able to last, but Jaden rode him slow and hard for a while before Darnell could feel the orgasm stirring below.

"If you keep going like this, I'm gonna cum," he told her. "Not yet, lay back" she responded, as she gently pulled off me, a trail of their juices sticking between us as Darnell pulled out of her.

Jaden laid back on the bed as she looked up at him biting her lip looking him up and down as she waited for him to make a move.

Darnell slipped his tongue inside her, tasting their combined juices that were dripping out of Jaden's warm wet lips. Darnell circled her opening with his tongue before licking upward to her clit. Jaden spread herself wide to allow his tongue full access and Darnell took the hint, running the full plane of his tongue against her. Jaden's moans increased in intensity as Darnell picked up the pace and, in that moment, he wanted nothing more than to make her cum for me. Darnell grabbed on to her small ass and forced his face into her pussy, licking and nibbling and trying to probe every inch of her with his tongue. Grinding Jaden's hips into his face and running her hands through his hair as Darnell tongued her, he could feel her on the edge and redoubled his efforts to push her over it. And Darnell did. He felt the orgasm take her as she shivered and bucked on his tongue, her moans exquisite and rewarding as Darnell continued to lick her until she pushed his head back from her crotch. Darnell could feel her juices on his face, and she looked down at him with a hazy smile before climbing off him and kissing Darnell again, hard.

Jaden gasped softly feeling his tongue enter her once again and she opened her legs for him. Her confidence slowly growing with him. Jaden was an uncontrollable moaning mess at this point. Jaden wrapped her legs around his face and she bucked her hips against his face until the leg shaking orgasm took over but he still licked her until she couldn’t take it and pushed him off kissing him softly afterwards tasting her juices into his face.

Suddenly Jaden rolled Darnell on top of her as she laid back on the bed and looked at him longingly and said,

"Now it's time for you to finish," as she opened her legs eagerly. Darnell slipped back inside her with ease, pushing completely inside her and feeling her squeeze her pussy down on his cock. 

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