Jaden & Darnell

Jaden is an intelligent, introvert and sensitive girl, but gets ridiculed verbally and physically at school by lascivious classmates and even insensitive teachers, especially in class, where her physical beauty is mercilessly preyed on to make her 'Fair Game' in front of her male peers. Her brains and cocky attitude catch the attention of Darnell, a handsome athletic 'Bad Boy' who secretly feels an undetermined interest but would never risk admitting (possibly not even to himself) having any romantic feelings, least of all for a 'nerdy girl', and yet remains tortured over Jaden's defiance. When the boy finally comes over to Jaden's place while her parents are away, a climactic confrontation with a heated frustrating twist is in the making...

Author's note

The events depicted in this story are fictitious. Any similarity to any person living or dead is merely coincidental

6. Chapter 6


SLAP... It was loud enough to startle even Darnell, and Jaden sank down into the mattress with that sudden smacking of sweaty skin. There were few drops of Andy's semen on the sheets. Jaden started moaning emphatically. "Fuck yeah it's sweet bitch," Darnell called out, and suddenly he himself realized how the power dynamics had suddenly changed between them in just a few hours. Just looking at this attractive smart girl spread out enjoying his thrusts inside of her, gave Darnell a renewed hard-on. That evening Darnell usually was fooling around his house, reading porno mags and looking at scantily dressed women in various positions online. But being with Jaden had presented him someone much more real and meaningful.

Jaden moaned with every thrust he put inside her and she couldn’t hold herself up anymore and she laid chest down on the bed. She could feel his throbbing member slide in and out and she rolled her eyes back “oh my god” she cried out in pleasure.

"No G-god...just me babe...gonna blow real soon..." Turning Jaden's face to meet his in a kiss, nearly suffocating the girl he whose virtue he was about to claim. Knees firmly set into the mattress; Darnell went in for six more strokes.

Jaden lasted for one more before she reached her climax and she gripped on to the sheets. He kept going and she was on cloud nine. Her legs were shaking, and she was breathing heavily.

Darnell's climactic groans and bull-charged thrusts made the bed almost jump as he unleashed his six shots inside of Jaden. His warm but spent body partly falling on top of her yet Darnell used his remaining strength to remain hovering above her, rolling on his left, he removed the condom and threw it into Jaden's waste basket. He stared up at the ceiling while catching his breath.

Jaden closed her eyes and she was breathing heavily, and she sat up slightly. Her arms shaking from being weak and she looked at Darnell.

“A-are we done?” she asked.

Darnell turned on his side and faced Jaden, drawing a lock of hair laying halfway across her face back. "How did it feel?" he asked moving an inch closer to her. Despite sweat mingled smell of jizz sticking their skin to the sheets, he felt more at ease with Jaden now.

Jaden but her lip and she nodded. “Amazing,” she gasped softly and looked at him. She looked at the time “you didn’t answer me.”

"Oh, we're done...for now. Just hope you'll be up for more when you want it." Darnell winked at her. He happened to look over at the clock sitting on her bedside table. It was getting late, but he wasn't in a rush to get dressed and leave. "You'd want some company tonight?"

Jaden nods, “Yes please.” She sat up and her legs were sore, and she got off the bed.

"Where you goin'?" Darnell asked hoping he wasn't too hard on Jaden's first time.

Jaden looked at herself “a shower...then washing my sheets” she told him biting her lip.

"How 'bout I join you and help you out?" Darnell asked pushing his chest up still marveling at Jaden's curves. He often imagined her being a model for their art class.

Jaden nods “yeah, sure” she went over to her dresser and grabbed a change of clothes.

Darnell smiled walking past her on his way to the bathroom. He liked how clean it was and the lavender scent it gave off as he entered. He turned on the hot water, waiting for Jaden to come in. Hopefully, she wouldn't mind him being in the buff a little while longer.

Jaden walked into the bathroom and she looked at him. “I don’t have a change of clothes,” she stood him.

Chuckling at the news, Darnell couldn't have hoped for anything more. "No prob, means we can have more fun while the laundry's runnin'. C'mon Jay, don't want the water to get cold." He shocked himself using this new nickname for the girl he had bullied and pinned for all at once.

Jaden nods and she gets in the shower after she closed the bathroom door. “For you I meant,” she looked up at him.

Darnell chuckled. "No sweat, I kinda like walking around a house nude," he replied slipping into the bathroom and joined Jaden inside the shower. "We can clean each other up." He winked before pulling the tongue-tied girl close to him as the hot water rained down over their heads.

Jaden looked up at him. “You’re okay with washing with coconut body wash and fruit smelling hair products?” she laughed as she held up the bottles.

"Makes it even more fun." Darnell said as the steam rose from the shower around them. Capturing her lips in his own again before breaking free. "Besides, I like coconut and fruit...it's the right amount of sweet." His hands ran up and down Jaden's back and massaged it with small circles.

Jaden closed her eyes as he back to massage circles into her back and she took deep breaths. Her body relaxing under the hot water and his hands.

Darnell drew his mouth towards Jaden's neck and applied small bites in a collar motion as he grabbed the bottle of fruit-scented hair wash and applied a squirt in his hands before rubbing it in Jaden's hair.

Jaden moaned softly in his ear as he bit her neck and she went weak as he washed her hair. She loved when someone washed her hair. That’s why she always got it done.

Rinsing her hair, Darnell reached for the coconut shampoo and quickly began lathering his and Jaden's bodies with it. Rising from her legs to peck her lips again, he grabbed Jaden's left hand and brought it close to his exposed cock. He smirked sure no explanation was needed in what he wanted her to do.

Jaden looked up at him and back down at her hand wrapping it around his cock and she slowly began to move her hand up and down his dick.

"Y-yeah that's it...keep goin' babe..." Darnell muttered as he started sucking on Jaden's right ear. The water starting to cool down, but he couldn't care less and bet she felt the same. "I'm at y-your mercy..." he said as Jaden began to pump his meat faster.

Jaden bit her lip softly as she began to twist her hand as well as going up and down and she closed her eyes as he began to suck on her ear and used her other hand to wrap around his neck.

"Oh Jay, I'm gonna cum s-soon..." Darnell said barely drawing his lips away from the girl's ear. He suspected she had skilled hands but never anticipated they'd do this good a job. Moving her away from the now cooled water to the shower wall where he began to caress her snatch again.

Jaden took in a deep breath as she was pushed against the shower wall and arched her back leaning her head back. Her hand was now loosely wrapped around his cock as he rubbed her snatch.

"Aaahh ooohh!!" Darnell groaned mashing his lips on Jaden's again as he shot four spurts of white jizz which flowed down the drain. A few splatters landing on Jaden's legs. He could sense she was about to cum herself and the dogged moans from her lips just provoked Darnell's fingers to the finish.

Jaden wrapped both her arms around him as he continued, and she was moaning uncontrollably, and she was in a blissful state at this moment.

"Feeling good again, huh?" Darnell asked panting into Jaden's ear. "Gonna let it all out for me again?" he continually prodded her aroused sensibilities. "You imagined this before, didn't you?"

Jaden nods as she reached her climax again. “Y-yes” she gasped softly as he continued to go, and she moved her hips back and forth against his hand.

"Cum for me Jay...don't hold out-want to hear you scream out, how much you've wanted me..." Darnell's voice almost ghostly harassed her ears. Trailing his tongue around her neck, down to her nipples and back up again towards her lips. His hand on her snatch nearly prune from the cool water and the hot sensation Jaden was about to emit.

Jaden moaned out loudly as she reached her climax and came on his fingers. She watched as he went down her body and back up again. Her legs shaking again.

Darnell lowered himself down on his knees, hands settled on Jaden's hips. Gently rubbing her thighs, he moved his tongue down to her opening while raising his right arm to cup her nearest boob, which he caressed in time to lap up her essence.

Jaden looked down at him and moved up to her top toes and she gasped loudly as she felt his tongue and closed her eyes “D-Darnell” she whimpered. He was gonna cause her to have an orgasm if he kept going.

Darnell down there and put his tongue to use. Having a taste of her juices and explore Jaden's vaginal opening with his tongue. Moving it to write the alphabet "S". Darnell kissed Jaden inside the vagina – making sure to separate her pussy lips before he kissed her. Gently kissing and then making it harder and harder. Playing with her clit, ever so gently to ensure every touch will send an electric shock throughout her body.

Jaden moves her hands to his short curly hair, and she pulls gently as he continues to lick, and she leaned her head back. “D-don’t stop” she begged him as she could feel her stomach turning again.

Further on Darnell's tongue inside Jaden's vagina as if it was his penis. Moving in and out while touching her clit at the same time. He also licked her clit during the act as he noticed her clit had swollen a bit, just enough to have her convulse.

Jaden couldn’t stand up anymore and leaned on Darnell for support as she was now shaking from having an orgasm from him eating her out and she couldn’t feel her legs “For fuck sake!”

"Hey there babe, I got you." Darnell held onto Jaden, wrapping one arm over his shoulder while he turned the water off. "You okay Jay, can you step out?" he asked thought not against the thought of carrying her bridal style if need be.

Jaden shook her head leaning it against his chest as she took long and deep breaths looking at him “Y-you made my body so weak!” she moaned.

"It was your first-time babe, of course you'd get a lot taken outta you. Don't worry, I won't leave you." Wrapping his free arm underneath her legs, Darnell lifted Jaden off the floor and out of the tub. Grabbing a couple of towels hanging on the rack over the clothes bin. Wrapping one over her waist, he carried Jaden back to her room and set her down in the chair by her desk. Quietly he started drying her body off before his own. "How're you feeling?" he asked once he'd finished himself off, still nude.

Jaden took deep breaths looking at him. “Weak, but good” she admitted.

"Wanna catch some zzzs while we wait on the laundry?" Darnell asked. Seeing how tired Jaden was, there was no way she could protest. It would be another of his long-time fantasies about her come true.

Jaden nodded softly as she looked up at him and bit her lip softly.

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