Jaden & Darnell

Jaden is an intelligent, introvert and sensitive girl, but gets ridiculed verbally and physically at school by lascivious classmates and even insensitive teachers, especially in class, where her physical beauty is mercilessly preyed on to make her 'Fair Game' in front of her male peers. Her brains and cocky attitude catch the attention of Darnell, a handsome athletic 'Bad Boy' who secretly feels an undetermined interest but would never risk admitting (possibly not even to himself) having any romantic feelings, least of all for a 'nerdy girl', and yet remains tortured over Jaden's defiance. When the boy finally comes over to Jaden's place while her parents are away, a climactic confrontation with a heated frustrating twist is in the making...

Author's note

The events depicted in this story are fictitious. Any similarity to any person living or dead is merely coincidental

5. Chapter 5


"Cool. We'll deal five cards, you can replace up to three cards one time only, and then you play what you got in your hand. Got me?"

“Yes, I think” she nodded and sat on the floor waiting on him to start the game.

"Good...will be just like 'Never Have I Ever'-so easy even you can do it." Darnell snickered before taking a moment to think of a good question. Man, if we had some booze, this be even better, he thought. "Okay...Never have I ever...smoked before."

“Smoked what?” She asked him as she held up 10 fingers. “My parents don’t drink” she tucked her hair behind her ear looking at him.

"Damn, dodged that bullet didn't you, huh?" Darnell asked musing 'We'll have to change that later...' "Alright, your turn."

“Wait smoked what though?” She asked looking at his eyes.

"Anything Mocha Latte...you trying to hide something? If you've never done it, end of story. Were you lying?" Darnell arched an eyebrow.

“I’ve smoked weed, not cigs” she shrugged “only once though” she looked at him.

"Hmmm I thought you'd be a bit on the wild side. Can't say I've never had one." Darnell unbuttoned his jeans and tossed them to his left. "My turn again. Okay, never have I ever...had a finger in my ass."

Jaden looks down and blushes softly as she coughs “so if I’ve done it, I’m safe? or I take off a clothing piece?”

"You got it Mocha Latte. C'mon and answer the question." Darnell beaded his eyes awaiting her response. No way she couldn't be that 'pure.

Jaden put her finger down. “So now I take off a piece of clothing?” she asked him to try to understand the game.

"Yeah. Just answer the question and be real...I won't tell anybody." Darnell tried to stay patient. He came here planning on an evening they'd both enjoy, and nothing was going to get in his way.

Jaden nodded “Yes I have” she looked down and took off her leggings looking at him.

Darnell chuckled. Things are looking up. "Sweet-okay back to the fun. Never have I ever-surprised someone butt naked."

Jaden shook her head. “No never done that” she told him.

"Thought I had you there." Darnell shook his head and removed his shirt and threw it behind his back. The entranced look on Jaden's face just made him chuckle. "Hey Mocha Latte, my face is up here. Your turn."

Jaden sighed. “Never have I ever drank more than 10 drink in a single night,” she shrugged.

"You're starting to get better at this," Darnell said as he took his t-shirt off, his firm torso now on full display. It took all his self-control not to rise and walk towards the girl just to put her through more romantic torture. "Seems we're tied-last question will break one of us. Never have I ever- used a household item as a sex toy."

Jaden sighed and she took off her shirt and she didn’t make eye contact with him.

"Hey, don't be shy, look up at me." Darnell tried to make sure his sincere side showed. He wanted to see Jaden for her true beauty and for her to know the side of him that had heart. "C'mon Mocha Latte, nobody's gonna bite you."

Jaden looked up at him and she blushed softly.

"Better. Now for the million-dollar question." Darnell carefully considered it that would have Jaden completely bare and ready for him. "Never have I ever...played with a vibrator during sex."

Jaden nods “yes,” she takes off her bra very slowly as she gets nervous.

Darnell keeps quiet as Jaden take her bra off. He knew she still had to have feared him after their 'encounter' at school yet wanted the moment to have a more tender vibe to it. As Jaden let the bra fall to her feet, Darnell cleared his throat. She really was a feast for the eyes. At this point they were both in their underwear, the tension couldn't have had them more crocked.

Jaden crosses her arms. “N-now what?” She asked him as she looked between him and the floor and she rubbed her arms awkwardly.

"What do you want to do?" Darnell asked as he got up, flexed his back and walked up towards her stopping within two feet. He'd made it this far but still had to have Jaden comfortable enough before they could cross the threshold.

Jaden’s breath hitched and she looked down “I-I don’t know” she spoke softly.

"You know one thing we can do Mocha Latte?" Darnell asked taking a seat on the bed to her right. He let his eyes trail over the girl again. She's even cuter half nude and nervous.

Jaden looked at him. “What?” she asked him as she watched him walk over to her bed and sit down.

"We can pick up where we left off downstairs..." Darnell bit his bottom lip. "Think you can beat me this time?"

Jaden looked him up and down, “wrestling...?” she asked him to tuck a lock of hair behind her ear.

"You looked like you enjoyed it before. How about it? Up for Round Two?" Darnell asked.

Jaden shrugs “I can’t wrestle,” she looked at him getting more comfortable.

"That's why I'm gonna teach you. Now c'mon. I wanna see you at least try to beat me this time." Darnell didn't want to hurt Jade but was aiming at seeing her fiery side come to light.

Jaden looked around “I don’t know how to start,” she laughs softly.

"No time to learn like the present," Darnell said as he pushed a tad forcefully on Jaden's left shoulder to get her off balance and was laid out on the bed. Rutting against her, Darnell put her in a half nelson, pinning her face-down and threading his dominant arm between her arm and armpit. Then, he placed the palm of his dominant hand on the back of Jaden's neck and pushed her head down, so she was stuck and had no choice but to fight to get out.

Jaden turned her head to where she could breath and she placed her arms beside her, and she pushed up but to no avail. Jaden groaned “Darnell!” she groaned out.

Darnell let up slightly to let Jaden gain an advantage. He laughed as she pushed back and threw him off, tickling at his exposed places and trying to pinch his nipples. "Oooh that all you got girl?" he asked teasingly.

Jaden pinned his hands down and was breathing heavily. “Yes,” she said out of breath looking at him.

Grinning, Darnell took the opportunity to twist Jaden's arm to make her give up. Grabbing her wrist, he reached over her arm and grabbed his own wrist, then twist Jaden's arm behind her back. Holding it there so she had to fight to get out of it. "Never let your guard down babe," he chided her.

Jaden leaned back. “Ow ow ow!” she gasped. “Stop!” she pulled at her arm struggling slightly.

Using the least amount of force possible, Darnell nuzzled his nose into the crook of Jaden's ear before biting on a bit of skin between his teeth. The giggle she gave made him smile into it as he loosened his grip enough for the girl to try and kick his ass again.

Jaden pinned his arms with her knees this time and pushed her weight down. “Ha!” she smirked.

"Not bad Mocha Latte, there might be hope for you yet. So, girl what're you gonna do to me?" Darnell said as he curled his toes, knowing if he could lift his legs high enough, he could run them down Jaden's back.

Jaden bit her lip. “I don’t know now,” she looked him up and down. “This is all I got.”

"We'll see about that..." Darnell thrust up against Jaden before using his force to flip the girl on her back as he rutted against her nonstop. Hot breath hitting Jaden's right ear as he seethed.

"You like this don't ya? You're getting hot from me, are you?" he asked in a more bestial tone. By God, he was going to hear her confess it.

Jaden leaned her head back as she gasped softly, and her cheeks turned a pink color. She licked her lips and she nodded softly closing her eyes taking in the feeling.

"Say it...you're a bitch for this...you love this..." Darnell slightly hissed into Jaden's ear as his flaring cock slid back and forth above her slit. No doubt she was starting to get wet on the bed sheets. It was all spice in the 'foreplay' but now Darnell was far from playing pretend.

Jaden swallowed deeply and she nodded “yes-I do,” she gasped softly, and she closed her eyes again breathing quickly and softly.

"Good, then you know you're finally mine!" Darnell declared as he lowered a free hand down towards Jaden's snatch. "Ready to make your dreams come true?" he whispered into her neck taking on a gentler tone.

Jaden nodded “yes,” she whimpers softly as she took deep breaths feeling his hand.

"You're in for it now, sweets..." Darnell said before rushing off the bed to pick up his jeans. Fumbling through the right pocket until he pulled a tiny black packet out. Waving it high for Jaden to see, no doubt she knew what it was. "I always come prepared," he said coming back towards her as he opened the pack with his teeth and pulled the condom out. Sheathed, he cocked his head motioning Jaden to position herself in the center of the bed.

Jaden looked at the condom and she watched him put it on and she made her way to the middle of the bed and she pulled her legs up looking at him.

Darnell never thought he'd feel this kind of pleasure from such a girl. He was lying naked on his stomach, with his long-desired crush underneath him. Crude sounds of slurping mixed with Jaden's occasional moaning made the atmosphere of the room even more charged. His manhood slowly sinking deep into her ass, with gooey pre-cum trickling all over his balls, sent electric shivers down their bodies. After a few more minutes of such mind-fucking experience, Darnell pumped inside her ass fiercely. A sigh came out of his throat. Darnell arched up, pulled his Good Girl crush by her hair, and looked into Jaden's eyes. Her lips were coated with his clear spit, and they were hanging like a parched track runner.

Jaden was face down in the pillow with her back arched as she continues to moan, and she snapped her head back when he pulled her hair and she was sweating. She was easily a submissive in bed. She licked her lips and she was heavily panting. She’d never done anal before.

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