Jaden & Darnell

Jaden is an intelligent, introvert and sensitive girl, but gets ridiculed verbally and physically at school by lascivious classmates and even insensitive teachers, especially in class, where her physical beauty is mercilessly preyed on to make her 'Fair Game' in front of her male peers. Her brains and cocky attitude catch the attention of Darnell, a handsome athletic 'Bad Boy' who secretly feels an undetermined interest but would never risk admitting (possibly not even to himself) having any romantic feelings, least of all for a 'nerdy girl', and yet remains tortured over Jaden's defiance. When the boy finally comes over to Jaden's place while her parents are away, a climactic confrontation with a heated frustrating twist is in the making...

Author's note

The events depicted in this story are fictitious. Any similarity to any person living or dead is merely coincidental

4. Chapter 4


"Anything...." he murmured within an inch of Jaden's face. "C'mon and school me..." he walked over to the coffee table situated between two white couches and looked over the arranged homework assignments laid out in a row. It was for Spanish class. One thing he had to hand it to Jaden, she knew how to make shit look good.

"You do all your homework?" he asked looking back at her, his fingertips barely touching the sheets in front of him. Usually he'd just think of copying answers down, but today Darnell had more 'juicy' plans for this study session.

“Yes, I do all my homework” she looked at him “It’s not hard” She pulled out some easy ones. “The objects and colors and numbers are simple,” she said in a duh tone and showed him “it’s the memorization skill you need to really pass Spanish,” she shrugged looking at him.

Taking Jaden at her word, Darnell quickly took out his notebook and a pen. The two proceeded to review the topics she pointed out for two hours and it stunned Darnell how much easier it was learning from her instead of Mirabal. As he copied down notes, his pen seeming to fly across the paper, Darnell noticed Jaden looking at him with an almost diffident tepidness mixed with magnetic desire. The air in the room caused all his joints to tense and he licked his lips, ready for whatever would come. As he finished note taking, Darnell didn't want to entertain the notion she may have an ace up her sleeve. Then again girls up to now were a mystery to him and Jaden's stoic facial expression for all intents and purposes could be hiding a secret agenda, which forced a chill to run up his spine. The instant he stopped writing; Darnell scooted closer towards her.

"So, Mocha Latte...do you have any sibs?" he asked.

She smiled at how quick he learned, and she looked at how close he gotten, and she shook her head. “No siblings- just me” she looked at him and bit her lip slightly.

"Lucky you! You don't know how good you got it..." Darnell said more pleased by the fact than Jaden might have expected. His grin slightly fell. "Don't you party or go to clubs sometimes?" he asked curious to know what her life outside of class revolved around. Such a cute girl couldn't have a boring life.

“I mean I sometimes go to party but not all the time” she shrugs “I really don’t like the party life. It’s kinda crazy for me” she looked at him. “Not the party animal like you,” she told him.

"Then what do you like to do?" Darnell asked crossing his arms as his smirk rose again. He'd heard of, seen and be around a lot of Daddy's Little Girls but knew so much not to judge a book by its cover. Even if the truth wasn't dirty, he wanted to know what Jaden did for fun.

“It’s kinda stupid but I like to stay in and watch movies. Or shopping. I have a problem” She laughs and looked at him. “You? Lemme guess. You go to parties?” she asked him to look at him.

"Oh, we've got a couch potato here." Darnell replied unable to resist poking fun at Jaden. "Yeah, I go to parties.... some of 'em aren't too bad. Is that all you do when your parents are out?"

“I exercise,” she rolls her eyes “and yeah most the time” she shrugs and thinks about how her parents are almost never home.

"Exercise huh?" Darnell asked even more absorbed to get to the heart of the girl's secret life. "What kinda exercises do you do?"

“Just the normal ones,” she laughed and looked at him. “Like yoga and shit like that, “she shrugged.

"Yoga?" Darnell smirked; the pieces of an idea began to join in his head. "How about you show me what you got?" he asked inching closer towards Jaden to the point his torso nearly touched her chest.

She thought back to earlier this day and what happened, and she nodded. “O-okay” she walked over to her yoga mat and laid it out taking a deep breath.

Darnell watched as she began with the mountain pose and transitioned to the Warrior. The poise and calm she demonstrated was nonetheless awe-inspiring and he loved how her body looked as each pose changed. Now he figured he'd introduce Jaden to a new physical form of fun.

Jaden stood there and looked at him “Those were simple moves. There are more complex ones that I’m working on,” she told him smiling.

"Aw c'mon!" This is kid's stuff!" Darnell said aloud. His tone and eyes taking on a slightly authoritative tone. Now it was his turn to show Jaden how he loved to play. "It's girly stuff, I'm not about that. Do you know a real way to have fun? Play fighting!" Darnell started circling around her like a vulture waiting for its meal's life to give out. Jaden's jumpy face sending off rising pulsations in his body, making the room feel hotter than it was.

“Well I am a girl?” She said confused and looked at him. “No- I don’t play fight” she crossed her arms shaking her head watching him.

"Wanna try?" Darnell asked as he moved in closer towards her, enjoying how Jaden was on her toes not sure when or how he would initiate his attack. Still Darnell's mind wandered the more he checked out the girl's curves that invaded his nightly dreams.

“Uh- “she looked at him. “Not so sure,” she bit her lip looking at him from head to toe and coughed slightly.

Darnell swiftly lunged towards Jaden's left hip and started tickling from both sides around her rib cage and exposed stomach. He hit the jackpot where Jaden's ticklish zones were concerned and kept going until she was crying and laughing bordering on hysteria.

“S-stop this” she couldn’t get a sentence out “this isn’t play fighting!” She tried to push his hands away and was breathing heavily.

"Your brain's saying that not you-know-what..." Darnell briefly paused drawing his mouth to within an inch of Jaden's right ear, hand drawing low past her belly button, grasping at her private area without warning as he resumed torturing her with his hands.

“what- “she gasped softly and went back to pushing his hands “s-stop!” she bit her lip pushing him harder but to no avail.

"C'mon! Think you can take me on? Show me what you got!" Darnell said, nostrils near flaring like a bull. He wanted Jaden to at least try to turn the tables if not get one good crack at him. Since he was ten, there was always a thrill from a good fight that just drove him near berserk. Now he only wanted something much sweeter. The girl he'd been scoping out just had to have the guts and passion to equal his.

Jaden sighed. “I can’t fight” she looked at him. “Like seriously not at all!” she crossed her arms and watched his every move.

"How 'bout we do something I know you'll be game for?" Darnell asked, his face barely 5 inches away from hers while the fueled size of his manhood perked up being this close to Jaden.

“l-like what “she gasped softly feeling him perk up. She bit her lip looking at him up and down and took deep small breaths as she laid on her back.

"It'll work better if we had more privacy-how about we head upstairs?" Darnell asked. As much as he would've wanted to have Jaden here, it wouldn't feel as meaningful and fulfilling if it wasn't where she felt more herself and had her intimate thoughts about him. Darnell wanted to leave his mark in Jaden's room and most of all have the maiden in her tower.

“T-to my room?” she asked him softly and swallowed the small lump in her throat and nodded. “Y-yeah we can go,” she looked at him blinking her eyes multiple times.

Darnell pushed his chest up and then turned over on Jaden's left before standing up, stretching his right hand out to her. After a brief reluctance, the girl accepted his hand though startled how strong his grip was. "Lead the way..." he said grinning.

Jaden nodded and walked back inside holding his hand behind her back and walked up the steps to her huge bedroom. Being the only kid- does come in clutch sometimes.

Darnell glanced around the room. It was nice-for a girl like her. But he wasn't there to critique Jaden's decor and turned facing the girl as she stood by the door six feet away from him. "So Mocha Latte, you ever play strip poker?"

“No” she shook her head and looked at him as she sat down on her bed. One-foot underneath her and she kicked her shoes off to the side.

"It's fun...you wanna play?" Darnell asked grabbing at his black leather belt.

“I don’t know how to play poker” she looked down at his belt then back up at him.

Darnell walked over toward her. "Well you're in luck Mocha Latte, I'm gonna teach you how it’s done. Dealer calls the game, loser loses a piece of their clothes, got it?" he asked as he throws his belt on to the carpet.

“Why are you taking your belt off?” She asked him to look at the belt on her floor. “I guess I get it...” she shrugged.

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