The Commune

Wen Elodie gets expelled the weight of her own actions comes crashing down once she is forced by her parents to learn her lesson by staying for a few weeks with a commune that her parents feel will help her.
There aren't many other kids Elodies age attending so the nes who do attend she easily be friends with the advantage that all the girls have in common , hating where they are.
But soon the Elodie and her friends learn that the commune has the same hatred for them back as no one in the commune seems to notice or pay attention to their existence. And even stranger , Elodie wakes up every night to see a light within the forest and people moving around that light wearing masks.


3. Small Talk

Small Talk

Elodie dragged her brutalised bike the entire half a mile way home trying to forget the fear and embarrassment of what happened , That stupid bus driver couldn't he see me?

Closing her eyes trying to think of something else she remembered that was how she had nearly got hit by the bus in the first place. Throttling her clunky bmx up her houses front drive she came face to face with the vexed expression o her mother's face , Elodie had been right her parents were going to kill her. 

"Inside now we have to talk El." her mother commanded folding her arms with the same serious expression fixed on her face.

"How about no." Elodie said dragging her bike in through the garage and resting it up against the red rotting volvo that her father called a car but had not used in about two years. 

"Hay El , what's going on , what the hell happened to your bike?How are you going to get to school?" Her dad questioned appearing around from the back of the car seemingly trying to do something wired to expand the size of the boot again.

"She's not going to school anymore." Elodies mother blatantly stated 

"How come?" 

"She's been expelled , El you get back here!" her mother called after her running in through the garage to the house. Elodie took the bag of bricks she called a school bag off and threw it on the kitchen counter knocking a neat pile of plates onto the floor as the great lump slid across the kitchen work surface. 

"Elodie really !" Her mother called after her but she was too late Elodie was already stomping up the stairs to her room. Inside Elodies room it was already a tip ,a stash of Goosebump books piled up high nearly to the ceiling of the room , her laundry bin overflowing with the ridiculous amounts of lacey t -shirts that she wore and ripped jeans but worst of all her bed that wasn't even made and hadn't been changed for about two months.

"Elodie you get out here right now!" Her mother cried out muffled by the door that Elodie had slammed shut , Elodie went over to open it and once again came face to face with her mother .

"Ya know you shouldn't scowl it will give you wrinkles. " she smirked 

Her mother shook her head and began to pry the door open shoving Elodie back onto the pile of Goosebump books which she knocked over in a flurry . Her mother stared in horror realizing just how messy Elodies room was , "right that it ! Elodie look at me now!" Her mother screamed with fury 

"Ok so I have tidied my room in a while. " Elodie admitted rolling her eyes at her mother overreaction before her dad came plodding in clueless (as per usual) as to what was going on. He stumbled around the room trying to come to Elodies other side , for once it looked like he was going to agree with her.

"Look at this place did a bomb go off?" Her father sarcastically remarked but her mother didn't seem amused .

"Downstairs now !" Her mother ordered 

Elodie sat at one end of the dining room table and her parents at the other , her mother was still scowling at as if she were looking into middle earth or something ,She should take my advice .

Her father on the other hand seemed confused but that wasn't a surprise to Elodie, he never knew what was going on.

"Elodie do you want to explain to your father what is going on and to me?"  

"I think I'll pass." 

"No , no you aren't going to just "pass" your going to sit here and explain to me why the hell you've been expelled from school!" her mother roared while her father folded his arms in disappointment , I'm really not getting out of this one am I.  

"Ok so I flooded the girls bathroom and I freaked some girl out whilst she was taking a ...." Elodie began 

"YOU FLOODED THE GIRLS BATHROOM!" Elodies mother shrieked in anger 

The table sat in silence after that before Elodies father spoke, "To be fair I flooded the bathroom in preschool but i didn't get in trouble." stated foolishly. 

"Dad , your not helping." 




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