Can You See Her

A girl who’s tough and closed off never thought she could love anyone as much as her parents. An FBI agent who’s parents died at a young age never thought his heart could be mended. Then when the girl’s parents get kidnapped it’s up to her and the hot FBI agent to get them back. Will they find love along the way or will time get in the way.

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2. School

Chapter two School

I woke to the sound of my alarm at 5 am, once my eyes adjusted to the darkness I reached for my phone and turned off the alarm. I sat up and stretched then got up to turn on my light I got out of bed. I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth, I wiped my face then walked out of the bathroom. I  grabbed my clothes off my dresser and put them on. I grab my phone and slide it in my back pocket I walk to my bedroom door and pick up my backpack. I turned off the light and quietly descended the stairs. I walked across the foyer and turned the corner as I entered the kitchen. It seems my parents are already gone the house is quiet. I grabbed two pieces of toast and dropped them into the toaster I put the bag of bread back and grabbed some strawberry jelly. I set the jar of jelly on the counter and I grabbed a butter knife. I popped open the jelly drawer and stuck the butter knife in the jar. The toast popped up and I spread the jelly. I put the knife in the sink.I grabbed the Jelly and put it back in the fridge.I got my keys out of the drawer and walked to the door as I finished my toast. I walked outside and closed the door behind me as I silently prayed today won’t suck. 

Let’s just say suck isn’t even close to describe what happened that day. I unlocked my car, it’s a black lexus my dream car. I opened the door and slid into the driver seat. I propped my backpack on the passenger’s seat. I clicked my  seat belt into place and started the car I turned the corner as we neared the end of my street. Two more left turns and one one right later we’re here at my snobby school. The kids of very important politicians and doctors go here I’m surprised it’s not a private school. As I pull into the school parking lot. I hear the rev of an engine and that can only mean one thing the popular boys are rolling in. Let’s get one thing straight my school is not a democracy it’s a monarchy there is a top and a bottom of the social ladder. These boys these stupid boys are at the top. I park and get out of my car as I do out of the corner of my eye I see the boys getting out,so I stand there and watch. Let’s start with the king of the group shall we. First there’s Jason Knight his Dad Is Nicholas Knight the vice president in the United States. Jason is a hot head quick to blow up and has a new girl every week. He’s a football player.Let’s just say he’s a player on and off the field.  Next up we have Michael Smith his dad is Connor Smith. Connor smith is a senator. Unlike his dad Michael is a total arrogant douche bag basically Jason’s puppet. Sadly he gets just as many girls. He never has his own ideas he always looks to Jason to think for him. Next we have puppet number two Carter Johnson, his dad is secretary at the White House . He is not as dumb as Michael but he still isn’t smart. Carter is quiet and doesn’t say much but when he does it’s to insult someone. They don’t like me since I slapped Michael in second grade for stealing my sandwich,kicked Carter for calling me ugly. Ah 8th grade that was a glorious year, it was the year I broke Jason’s nose for grabbing my butt. With Jason it’s a love hate relationship. Well I love hating him his parents are friends with my parents so all my life I’ve been forced to hang with him and his goons. I roll my eyes in disgust at them when they start walking my way. 

“ Maddie still ugly I see.” Jason remarks as always, his morning insults have become part of my morning routine.

“Jason still emasculate,arrogant, and desperate for daddy’s attention I see” I roll my eyes again. His faces strains a bit at the mention of his dad. He quickly clears his face of any emotion.

     “Still smart mouthed just like when we were kids,” He retorts. 

      “The difference between when we were kids and now is that I grew up and got smarter you’re still the same Jason, you probably still eat glue” His face reddens and  I can’t help but laugh but it’s stopped short as he pressed me against my car getting in my face. He leans to my ear and whispers

      “Maddie you have no idea what I can do,I know you want me why do you act like you don’t.” He smirks looking down on me. 

      “Jason I don’t like you your just so delusional you think I do.” This is starting to get annoying and my patience is dwindling.

      “ I can be good for you baby” when he said that I felt like I was gonna throw up. Instead I kicked him hard right where it hurts. He double over yelping his friends backed away out of reach so I couldn’t kick them. As he was bent over in pain I leaned down and whispered

      “Sorry, I can’t help it if I don’t want you. Everytime you mess with me I’m just going to be a cold. Got that “baby.” He nodded and I smirked at him in pain. I pushed off my car and walked to class. People snickered and whispered as I walked by I don’t notice or care. I went to my locker and grabbed my Algebra 2 textbook. As I closed my locker I saw Nikki Collins come running down the hallway. Her dad Richard Collins is a doctor for the White House and her mom Olivia Collins is an analyst for the White House.She is shy but very smart. She is the same height as me with blond hair and green eyes. She is my best and only friend.

     “ Maddie I saw what happened in the parking lot are you okay?!!” She was out of breath I’m sure she ran all the way. 

     “Oh it was nothing just Jason being Jason,” I smirked at the image of him doubled over.

      “I’m sure he deserved it, he is such a jerk.” We both share the passion of hating Jason and his goons. “Anyway how was your summer?” She was grinning from ear to ear I really missed her.

      “ It was okay I missed you though. How was your summer” She threw her arms around me and hugged me. When she let go she finally spoke.

      “ It was fun we went on a trip to Paris finally!” She is absolutely obsessed with Paris and it's a beauty.

      “That’s awesome girl.” She hooked arms with me then announces.

      “Let’s go to class don’t wanna be late for Algebra.” I nodded and walked with her,we talked about everything that’s going on with people and got caught up to speed. When we got to class we took our seats in the back and got ready to be bored to death. Our teacher Mr.Cook is the world’s most annoying,boring,unenthusiastic teacher of all time. Seriously if I had one hour left to live and had to spend it anywhere I’d spend it in his classroom because his lessons feel like an eternity. As he states his rules and expectations he gives every year. Nikki is crossing her arms mocking him. I almost laugh but manage to keep a straight face. She covers her mouth as she begins to laugh. Minutes pass slowly and painfully until class finally ends. My next couple of classes pass by even slower until we finally reach lunch. Nikki and I walk to the cafeteria together.We sit down and  I grab my lunch out of my bag. I automatically swap some of my food with Nikki she always has something I like and I have things she Likes. Lunch was much less boring,we talked and laughed about how our first day has been so far. I can always count on her to be interesting. When the bell rings we part ways she immediately texts me saying she misses me already. I laugh and shake my head, I typed miss you too. The rest of the day seems to fly by art,dance,and chemistry my easiest classes are after lunch. When the school day ended I felt relieved to get out of there. I left the school and headed towards my car. I was about out get in but then I thought twice. I grabbed my phone and texted my mom and dad and asked them if it was okay for Nikki to sleep over. They didn’t respond but she’s like family so I’m sure it’s fine I then texted Nikki

       “Hey wanna come over today? If so meet by my car” She replied almost simultaneously 

      “UMMMM DUHHH,heading over now.” Three minutes later she pops up headed towards my car waving like crazy. I unlock the passenger door and get into my car as she slides into the passenger seat. We turn on and blast the radio as we pull out of the parking lot. We have a series of duets as I drive to my house. When we pulled up I parked and Nikki and I got out of the car. I opened the door and put in the security code as Nikki went to raid the fridge. I headed towards the kitchen as Nikki decided she wanted grapes. I grabbed a bowl out of the counter for her as she rinsed them she pulled off some and dropped them in the bowl. I zipped up the bag and put it in the fridge. We headed to my room and I grabbed the remote.

      “How does a little netflix sound?” Her face lit up as she jumped up and nodded. We jumped on my bed and turned on a random romance flick. Throughout the whole movie we laughed as we threw grapes at each other and recited the lines of the movie by heart. When the movie ended I turned on my speaker and turned on some music. Nikki ran into the bathroom and grabbed hair brushes. We jumped on my bed singing into hair brushes. Not my finest hour but it was really fun. After we played my whole playlist we fell back onto my bed exhausted. I checked the time it’s about 6 o'clock and my parents weren’t home yet I decided to order chinese take out. I grabbed the money out of my purse on my desk. Nikki and I walked down the stairs when the food came.Well I walked she sprinted,I came down to see her already taking the food I paid the guy and signed the receipt. I closed the door and walked into the kitchen and opened up the food Nikki was already sitting down. I got the chopsticks my parents bought me when they went on a business trip to China. They go on a lot of trips but I never know why nor do I worry about it. I brought Nikki her rice and broccoli with steak. She ate like she was starving although I never known when she wasn’t hungry, she never stops eating. I grabbed my chow mein and orange chicken and sat next to her on the island. We ate and scrolled through our social media’s and sharing photos with each other  that were cute or funny.When we finished I cleaned up and we headed upstairs to do homework. I finished everything fairly quickly school’s always been ridiculously easy. Nikki hates math even though she’s good at it she’ll complain until she finishes. She always asks why we learn this even though we won’t use this in real life. I just laugh and shake my head. When we finished I checked the time it was 10. 

      “Hey Nikki it’s getting late want a ride home?” She frowned because she didn’t want to leave.

     “Or you can sleep over?” Her face lights up when I change my mind. I can’t say no to her she reaches over and hugs me.

     “Thanks madds your the best.” She is always so overly affectionate.

    “ I so am not but thanks for trying to make my ego bigger.” She starts to die of laughter.

     “Maddie your ego does not need my help getting bigger.” Then I start dying of laughter because it’s totally true.

     “Hey we have school tomorrow we gotta get some sleep or your going to be a groggy hot mess.”She weighed her options and came to a decision.

     “Yeah we should probably get some sleep I’ll sleep on the couch downstairs.” She began to get up and I pulled her back down.

     “No Nikki just sleep in my bed it’s a gigantic king for pete’s sake. You aren’t sleeping downstairs especially because you are too close to the fridge for my liking.” She laughs and nods agreeing with me. She turns off the light and slides into the bed.I set my alarm and put it on my dresser. There is a big window next to my bed so we both gazed at the stars until we fell asleep.

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