DESIRE! (Star-Like Words )

A summer meant to bring two girls closer might just drive them apart.

While Kichi struggled with her growing affection for Ray … Ray must confess what she has been keeping from Kichi.

Author's note

FYI: This is a sequel to Star-Like Words #1

I think you can read this on its own but nothing is wrong with reading the first book, too.

11. 11 ... Ray's Point of View





In the flow of everyday life, dramatic change was to be expected. There were endings, there were beginnings. Even if we didn’t wish for it, change will come. Throughout my life, I have had many changes. The good. The bad. The ugly. Difficult as they were, I had to embrace them because no one was going to do it for me. And no one should have to. Even so, nothing could have prepared me for the new change in my life.

“Why…?” He asked. “Why don’t you want to? We get along and our bodies are compatible.”

“That’s true,” I agreed.

“And we have been dating for a while, so why the sudden change?”

“Mmm…” I hummed. “You know what? It’s justI am looking for something more.”


People needed more food. More money. Countries needed more jobs. There was always something more to be desired. And I? The one thing, or rather, person, I wanted more of I didn’t know their name. There was a period in my life when things were out of my grasp, but since I became popular—I had forgotten what such feelings felt likeuntil I met that person. I wanted her, which was crazy!

“To tell you the truth,” I said. “I feel good with you, it’s pleasurable, but just that…”

“You’re not making sense, Ray. What do you mean?” The man next to me demanded.

“What do I mean?” I rubbed the back of my head as thoughts flickered through my mind.

“You want to do it with other people is what you are saying?” Eiji stared at me, anticipating my response.

I sighed. “Nah, it’s nothing. Never mind.”

What was I even thinking, saying all that to Eiji?

Did I want to break up with him? But why? Just because I met and reacted towards some stranger, and on top of that, a girl? I swing that way now.

Shit! I was confused.

My closet friend, who was like a sister to me, liked girls; perhaps I should further explore this sudden side of me. But what would people think if it got out? I didn’t quite care about other’s opinion, but in my line of work, it was all about image. Yet, I was too curious about what it might be like to date a girl…not that I wanted just any girl.

Ah, shit! Curiosity was a dangerous thing.

It was late May; I had recently returned from my visit to Chester, and since then, I was unable to stop myself from thinking about my stolen kiss from that school girl. And because I couldn’t stop thinking about the feel of her petal-like lips; the sound of her breathing, her mouth hesitantly opening to take my all too eager tongue inside…Oh! I needed to taste her again. All of her. Just remembering made my entire body shivered in the warm breeze of Bridgeport park, where I called the guy, I had been having sex with for some time now, for a little chat.

“Let’s put an end to what’s going on between us,” I told Eiji, not second-guessing myself this time.

Don’t get me wrong, I liked sex with Eiji. It felt good, and since we got along beside our bodies being compatible, that was even better. As a celebrity, finding true love was no easy task and I didn’t have time to search for a potential lover—so I ended up settling for a partnership with Eiji. And honestly, that was enough. At least, I thought so.

One evening, I spotted a middle-aged couple walking together alongside a duck pond in a park. They looked very happy and quite flirtatious. I remembered thinking: “How lucky for them. Is that, in other words, love?” That must have been the first time I felt I wanted a love that would last a lifetime. I wanted to feel like I was floating among the clouds, both while and after being intimate. I wanted to be head over heels even if we weren’t doing anything. To feel the love of my life on my skin even if we weren’t touching each other. This was why I couldn’t forget the stranger I kissed.

I felt like I could have lived seventy years just off the emotion of that fleeting moment.

And if it was like thatI could not stay with Eiji, right? Even if the stranger I fell for wasn’t at my side, I began to want to feel her with all my being.

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