3 Stitches

After her mother's unexpected suicide because of a messy divorce Cora Veil is thrown into the arms of her uncle ,Tom Viel. She wishes she could stay with her father but as he is a schizophrenic she is unable to so packs her stuff up to move to the tiny town of Killybegs in west Ireland. At first her uncles home seems like a palace but when she discovers it was once an all girls private school that partially burnt down in 1978 she finds it a little more eerie.
Her three cousins are especially odd firstly there's Jack veil , tall dark and handsome much like his father but is stranger as he barely speaks and only does when to argue with his father. Then there's Masie whos rather gothic for her age and lastly there's Patsy or as she likes to be known as Pumpkin because of her orange hair who is sadly deaf and never tries to speak , but only does when speaking to her invisible friends. When Cora catches sight of one of Pumpkins invisible friends she realizes there may be more to them.


3. "don't like talking about it."

"I don't like talking about it."

August 16th 2017

The trees and houses seem to fly by when you look out of the car window , I had barely noticed at the time because I was half asleep having to get the ferry over to ireland with Camila and then driving all the way to Killybegs. I didn't understand how Camilla was still awake at the time she must have eaten everything with caffeine in it the other day or something because I was knackered and hadn't even done anything. 

"We're nearly there." Camila said turning her head back from the front seat her voice sweet and soft as always , but there was something almost off putting about it as if it were fake. 

"How long?" I asked

"Like five minutes , maybe even less."

The town seemed pleasant enough as we drove through it , quiet , peaceful but that may have just been because it was the early hours of the morning. The one thing that stood out as strange was the church , its shadow loomed over the car ominously as if a predator but it may have just felt that way at the time because I hadn't been to mass in ages.

I could feel my back begin to ache as I sat up from the deep sleep I had been in as well as the strange position I was contorted in whilst sleeping , Camilla turned out of town and up a huge driveway shrouded by fir trees. I thought that  my uncles would be a small little house or flat possibly located in the village but once i saw the house my first question was what kinda job does he have , and how much money does he earn?! 

​The houses structure was huge and more ominous looking than the church bricked to the brim with grey stonework , its walls built high , higher than even the trees. The place was a fortress ! The front garden was almost as impressive as the house and to the left of the house by the forest was a willow tree were two small swings a girl on each one , the perfect place for reading! ​I thought before I remembered , that day.

Camilla finally stopped the car and it came to a halt in the smoothly gravelled drive way  , the park had been graveled. 

this it? I wondered thinking this couldn't possibly be the place I was staying at until i saw my uncle come to greet me. 

He looked just like my mother , tall with dark hair and eyes with a strong nose and chin. I closed my eyes trying to forget my mothers face when they came to collect her fragile broken body , she hadn't been pretty then.

I stepped mezmorized out of the car at the structure I would be staying in and then looked at my uncle with a confused and crazed smile. 

"Welcome Cora" he said proudly with his arms open wide.

"This is your uncle Tom, Cora and he's going to be taking care of you for a while." Camila explained whilst grabbing my luggage from the boot 

​"Before we go in Cora , im so sorry about your mum I miss her just as much as you do."My uncle said sympathetically whilst taking my hand and shaking it firmly.

"And if you ever need to talk about it..." he began before I interrupted him , " I , I don't like to talk about it" I sniffled. 

"I understand , do you want to meet your cousins?" 

"yeah!" I spat excitedly , I have cousins !

"Jack , Cora's here come meet her." He called over to another tall boy dark and handsome like his father standing in the doorway of the house simply watching. He began to jog over meerily giving me a wave before telling uncle Tom he was going to play the piano in his study and walking back into the house.

"Aren't you even going to tell her your name?" Uncle tom yelled after him, "oi! Jack!" but he paid no attention. 

Uncle tom rolled his eyes before looking toward the two girls on the swings , both of them had their  backs to me which a found a little odd. Tom went over to get them with his hands raised before using them communicate strangely , what was he doing?

He walked back over with one of the girls she had a small scar above her eyebrow , she looked nothing like her father with light blue eyes and as before strawberry blonde long hair. 

"This is Patsy but she prefers to be called pumpkin because of her hair , you might need to learn a bit of sign language shes deaf poor thing." 

"Oh , hi Pumpkin" I waved at her trying to atleast make some sense , the little girl nodded and gave me a smile and a wave to show me that she understood. 

"And my other girl is named Maisie but as of the moment she is at school ." Uncle tom explained poliety 

​I looked back over to the swings , the other girl seemed to have wandered off somewhere .

"Where's the other girl gone off to, the one who was on the swing with Pumpkin?" I quirried 

"What other girl?" my uncle asked taking my luggage from Camila and guiding me inside , I could've sworn I saw another girl. 

At the time i thought i was seeing things just because I was nervous , I was wrong.


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