The Legendary Forest:

After the big fight and the redivals oversaw the seven magical kingdoms in the forest. After everyone started to hate them, it was thousands of years later when Queen Midnira connected twins were born and both decided the Redivals will be finished. When Prince Niderudion and Princess Nivillerua do everything to stop them. A mysterious girl with visions of the future appears to be in danger. With many adventures, fighting, magic, and romance some didn't think would happen will they be able to resist the powerful redivals?

Author's note

A story I've been working on and decided to post it online, I've wondering what you think of it so far

8. Healing Spell and Vision Magic


Neciluvieriva POV  

Urghh....what..where...what time is it? Where are those darkenders....

"Ughh blasted darkenders, where did they go" (Nicilu)

"Dead, I took them out all of them.  Look around you, sadly they will all become living again. In several years, six, seven, eight, ten years or many more they will come back and then I'll have to do it again.  When I take out every redival then I finally save all of them, and I'll take all the darkness away from them" (Nideru)

"I need to go" (Nicilu)

"Oh, I wouldn't go if I were you..." (Nideru)

"What? Why?" (Nicilu)

"In your condition, I mean look at you." (Nideru)

"I'm fine!" (Nicilu)

"You are definitely not fine" (Nideru)

"Where is your sister, I thought the royal prince would never left his sister behind..." (Nicilu)

"What?...How did y- Don't change the subject!" (Nideru)

"Why do you care about what happens to be just a random person like me" (Nicilu)

"I wouldn't want anything to happen to any Espereonean and I must follow the ancient texts that say to always keep every Espereon out of harm or dangerous ways" (Nideru)

"Twice in a day?" (Nicilu)

"As attractive as you are I don't mind, but it's just a coincidence" (Nideru)

"Look I need to go it's getting late and I can handle myself" (Nicilu)

"Sure you can, and next moment you fallen to redivals!" (Nideru)

"I could've gotten them, I just didn't have my sword" (Nicilu)

"Who doesn't bring a sword to the forest?" (Nideru)

 "I wasn't planning on fighting.  I was looking for someone....maybe you" (Nicilu)

"What? Me, why? (Nideru)

"I need to tell one something only I know, only if thee shall keep it a secret" (Nicilu)

"Only after you realize your mistake" (Nideru)

"I'm fine, I tell you!" (Nicilu)

"Can you not feel pain, what have you been through?" (Nideru)

"What does that suppose to mean?" (Nicilu)

"I mean look at yourself" (Nideru)

"Look I am going to go if your not going to listen" (Nicilu)

"I guarantee you, that you need assistance" (Nideru)

"There is no need I am not hurting or in pain!....Wait from before you were hiding something, what the secret?" (Nicilu)

"A spell only me and my sister wield, the spell to at least allow me to help you!" (Nideru)

"And I guarantee I'm fine!  See I can get up! (Nicilu)

"I don't know..." (Nideru)

"I can walk too, and move forward!  I am definitely not-" (Nicilu) urgh what is this, I can't believe it!  I'm weak, I can't show weakness, but he is right

"You are in pain" (Nideru)

"How....can" (Nicilu)

"The darkenders, they got you didn't they?  Just allow me to heal you and it will be fine" (Nideru)

".....could...I.." (Nicilu)

"Hold on.....Stay still" (Nideru)

What happened next I don't think I'd ever imagine or would of ever seen this is a vision... So this is what he calls a healing spell....He takes off one of his white gloves while he spreads his fingers apart.  A blue light forms from the palm of his hand expanding more and more until it veils my eyes.  The light surrounds me and it feels as if the moon of Esperon days are upon me.  New feelings are what I begin to feel.  As if a newness, arrival, if I never felt there was anything wrong.  It feels as if I was never and I am not ever mad at my brother.....or anyone.  It feels like there is no hatred for anyone.....  (Thoughts)

"What is this feeling?" (Nicilu)

"The feeling of being revived, being healed" (Nideru)

"...Thanks I guess" (Nicilu)

"Didn't you want to tell me something?" (Nideru)

"You must not tell another" (Nicilu)

"Ohh Secretive, I like it" (Nideru)

"Be quiet, I'm not a Kirodayfan" (Nicilu)

"What do Kirodayfans have to do with anything?" (Nideru)

"I see you at the festivals, your always like that to them...and they are enjoying every moment of it" (Nicilu)

"Oh you watch me? I'm just doing what they like, heh...besides you can trust me, I don't break my promises" (Nideru)

"....Bearly.... Listen well, I shall only tell you....and you only one to know.  Not even the ones close to me know.  It is that I have visions.  Of the future or past, sometimes they are visions and other times they are memories, but lately it gotten out of control.  I thought you may know more about this.  I see too much, and some of it doesn't even concern me.  I would care less about some of the visions from the future.  Sometimes it's five minutes in advance, or fifteen minutes or days, or weeks, months, or years.  On top of that I been seeing something life threatening events for everyone.  I see redivals and darkenders using dark magic.  Darkness expanding, dark clouds consuming, wielding this kingdom into darkness, and soon covering other kingdoms as well!" (Nicilu)

"What?, can it be prevented?!" (Nideru)

"It can be prevented if and only if someone who knows about whats going to happen tries to change it" (Nicilu)

"I must find more about this!  Those cursed Redivals! I knew they were planning to spread darkness!  One day I will destroy every redival and then I'll heal all the darkenders!" (Nicilu)

"You can tell people about what I saw if you want, but don't say anything about how you found out or that I have visions or memories" (Nicilu)

"You!  Meet me here tomorrow, and I will tell you what I find out" (Nideru)

"Yes, you're highness.  Also, it's Neciluvierivia, but most call me Niciluvira" (Nicilu)

"I hope my sister was luckier than me, well I have to go.  See you, Niciluvira" (Nideru)


Author's Note: Basically darkenders are people who exist because they were killed or died when the person wasn't ready to die, but then redivals turned all of them to to darkness so they are dark now and if a darkender gets taken out then they will be there again in 6 or more years.  That why Niderudion plans to take out redivals first and then heal the darkenders.  Darkenders are just a nickname for what they used to be called.  Also, I was about to save this on 10/12/19 but then the computer died and I have to redo it, but I redo it soon enough. 


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