Just a witch

After fighting for a copy of the sequel to her favourite book, the person who fought her left her their address. Her name was Taylor Jakal. And she was going to hogwarts


1. “Owl me”


Taylor Jakal walked into Waterstones with an exited grin. She would finally get the sequel to her favourite book.

Playing with her auburn hair, she gently skipped over to the “9-12” section. Unsurprisingly, there was only one copy left. She noticed a boy in the corner. He had steely grey eyes and bleach blonde hair. He smiled and walked over to her... ooor the last copy of “Standing in shadow”

Wait a second! That was the book Taylor wanted! She death stared at him with her brilliant green eyes and he stared back. Taylor reached for the book; so did he. They pushed and pulled, kicked and elbowed until...

“Taylor, we’re going in a second!”

The boy snatched the book and took out a pen while walking to the counter. Taylor was furious. As he walked back, he tapped her on the shoulder and handed her the book.

“The name’s Jack”

“Taylor” She said, gaping as Jack walked out the shop.

As Taylor walked into her room, she opened her new book. There was something written on the title page: an address and a message.

“Taylor, time for dinner!” Her mum shouted up the stairs.

“Coming Mum!”

Taylor pondered the message once more.

Owl Me — Jack’

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