What The Shadow Takes

I see it. It's darkness. It is cloudy darkness. An inky substance... A Shadow. Then I saw her. Emily. She was smiling and wearing a crown. It looked like it was made of light. She was a beacon of light in all of the darkness around. Then the dream changed. I heard a voice... "Let me show you the truth". Emily now had a look of evil, and her crown was now pure darkness...


18. Ky

Weddings aren’t really my thing. Even though it was Nan’s wedding, I still didn’t go. I was busy anyway. I am still trying to figure out why Emily’s mad at me. I now go to all of her classes, sometimes taking breaks to go and work in her garden, even though she hardly goes to it anymore. She seems to be avoiding me. Maybe I’m just paranoid and she isn’t actually avoiding me. Maybe she is just busy and hasn’t had time to talk to me. Yeah, keep telling yourself that… Anyway, I decided that I would go and talk to her. It was after dinner, and I wasn’t sure if she would be in her room. I didn’t really know what she did after dinner. I never asked. She… I can’t explain her. She seems tortured, but also just so happy at the same time. When I got to her room, her door was slightly opened. I pushed it open all the way, expecting to see her, but was shocked at the sight of her room. It was a disaster. It was never a disaster. It was always clean, it was like she thought cleaning would scare the Shadow away. Everything about her was clean, clear, precise.  She screamed Queen. Something must be wrong. That’s when I saw it. A little book on the floor, right at the center of the mess. It was opened to a random page. I picked it up. 

        Today was the same as always. Lessons, more lessons, dinner, then the rink. I landed my triple axel today, at least. But… last night. I had another dream. About them. They told me to come home. To come back to them. And every day, I always have to say no. I can’t come to you. I can’t leave. The only thing keeping me sane is knowing that one day, I get to help people, to rule them. And one day after that, when there is someone I can trust to leave to the kingdom, I can finally go back to them. 

This must be her journal. I feel bad for reading it; these are her thoughts that she didn’t want anyone to see. But what is she talking about? This was dated just before she met me. Why can’t she leave? What can’t she leave? Nan used to tell me that I was too curious and that I shouldn’t be. I guess that’s just another one of my flaws. I took the book. I have to know why she is so mad at me. 

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