Garon & Louis

Family crisis and deep burning desires bring Half-Elf brothers Garon and Louis Evette closer together. had a very happy early life he lived with his mother and older brother in a nice apartment on the upper city of Emyh Anore
His mother told them them father payed for all of it and to be thankful
Garon had never met his father and knew very little about him the little he did know was from himself or things his mother let slip like he was an elf or that him and Garon mother couldn't be together publicly because he was married.
Unknown to his mother, Garon also knew his father beat her
When Garon was ten his mother came home in tear and told them to pack a bag each that they were leaving shouldn't wouldn't tell them why or where they were going all she said was hurry Garon was in his room when the men came he herd the the door being kick in his mother scream then the gun shot his brother was by his side in moments pulling him down the fire escape when they hit the ground they ran.

Author's note

This is a M/M incest story. Do not read if this subject offends you. Enjoy and comment nonetheless.
The author has rated this movella as yellow, meaning it is inappropriate for users under the age of 13.
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