Straight sex with some gay innuendos


1. Jerry's new home

Chapter 1 Jerry's new home

   Jerry gasped for air he could hardly breathe. Something was wrong. It was dark. He rubbed his eyes for they were sore and hurting.

   He shifted his position on the bed and found himself falling off the edge. He landed with a jolt on the hard-wooden floor. When he moved his head, it hurt. Fully awake now, he realised he could not stay like this forever. The sweet odour he had smelt before had been gas. Thankfully, the air was better down here nearer the bare floorboards. So, ignoring the pain, he took a deep breath and held it long enough to raise his head and shoulders up from the floor for a brief moment to have a look around.

   Once again, back down, he exhaled and gulped in more air like a fish out of water. Slowly he calmed down enough to think. To his right he had seen some street light coming in through a window. So that meant the door was on the other side of the bed.  Maybe if he headed in the direction of the window he could open it or at least smash it. He searched around under the bed and found one of his shoes. He would take it along with him, just in case breaking the glass was his only option.

   It was slow going on his hands and knees every now and then he would have to stop to put his head down to gulp in more air.

   He felt so tired and wanted to sleep by the time he had crawled to just below the window. Instead, knowing his life depended on getting more air. Jerry gathered what strength he had left and, reaching up desperately, pushed on the bottom half of the sash window, praying it was unlocked. Nothing happened it was stuck fast.

   Now in a sort of frenzy he banged the frame and pushed with all his might. This time it moved, opening an inch or two, allowing a steady blast of fresh air to enter. Thank God, he thought, as he fell back down to a sitting position on the floor, exhausted by the effort. At his side lay the forgotten shoe.

   For a long time, Jerry just sat there and enjoyed the stream of fresh air coming in. Every now and then, he would shake his head, although it still hurt to try to clear it. Suddenly the events of the previous evening flashed before him.

   Shirley, the landlord’s daughter, had met him at the front door of the house in Belsize Park. After showing him around the two-roomed bedsit that Chandra had told him had just become vacant in the same building he himself rented an attic space. She then handed him the keys.

   All alone at last in his own place, Jerry after unpacking his things had decided to make a hot drink before going to bed. Having put the kettle full of water on the cooker, he discovered that there was no gas. The meter was showing empty and needed money. He had found a few coins in his loose change to feed into the slot provided in the meter. When the kettle had boiled he had then made his drink and taken it with him to the bedroom, where in bed he drank it while reading the script of the of drama school musical he was performing in. Then feeling tired he switched off the light and had fallen asleep.

   He was almost certain he had turned off the gas tap after the water had boiled. Otherwise there must have been a faulty connection somewhere.

   Thankfully, the money must have run out, as the pungent smell was less intense. That’s when Jerry became aware of a thumping noise. It wasn't coming from his head this time. He could certainly hear banging and shouting. It was most insistent.

   He got up and, although feeling sick, launched himself forward like a drunk on unsteady legs. He moved back past the bed and headed towards the other room. The banging and voices grew louder as he approached the main door. He turned the key that was still in the lock and pulled the door open. He felt dreadful and everything went blank.


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